Super Baby


Super Baby

Super Baby: boost your baby’s potential from conception to year 1.
by Sarah Brewer, MD, London, New York, Thorsons/HarperCollins, 1998.

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“A prenatal stimulation program has many advocates – and a decreasing number of detractors. It is important to state straight away that the aim of prenatal enrichment is not to breed a race of super-beings. The aim is to allow your baby to achieve his full genetic and intellectual potential by giving him the best possible start in live, the best possible environment for his brain to develop, and to increase his chance of acquiring several desirable character traits.”

“While BabyPlus sounds monotonous to the adult ear, its rhythm and subtle sequential changes are beneficial for your babys development. By the time the sounds reach him, they sound very similar to your own blood as it surges past the womb in your arteries. As the BabyPlus stimulus speeds up week by week, your baby compares and contrasts it with the constant background noises in his surroundings (your breathing, heartbeat, placental blood flow, venous blood flow, etc.) and recognizes that the rhythm has changed. As the sounds speed up, his brain has to process the sounds he hears more quickly in order to compare them with your own heart rate.