The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is distinctly different from all other prenatal players, music or talking because only this approach has been tested for effectiveness and safety in clinically controlled studies by independent professional evaluators. Neither music, spoken material, tactile, nor multimodal methodologies meet these standards.

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The following summarizes the BabyPlus advantage:

To determine appropriate material for the unborn child’s growing mental structure, the child’s normal environment must be assessed. That analysis reveals that the maternal heartbeat is the predominant influence – the mother’s blood continuously pulses through the placenta at 95 decibels (as loud as a passing train). BabyPlus tones are preset to reach the baby well below this natural level. This natural sonic stimulus, the mother’s heartbeat, occurs at about one cycle per second when the mother is resting. Throughout life, the BabyPlus advantage means the child will be better able to absorb and appreciate far more of his or her environment than a child who did not receive this benefit.

The BabyPlus tones passing through the maternal abdomen sound exactly like the mother’s blood pulsing through the placenta, only increasing in rhythm and complexity. Standardized tests show that these natural, progressive sound lessons are the most effective form of stimulation. Music is too random and complex. It is the repetitive curriculum of BabyPlus and the changes in the pattern that are most beneficial for earliest learning. BabyPlus may sound repetitive to adults, but it is optimally effective for benefiting the prenatal child’s forming mental structure – a developmentally appropriate curriculum.