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What Is It?


The BabyPlus curriculum is a series of 16 naturally derived sounds that resemble a mother's heartbeat. The rhythm of the sounds increases incrementally as the pregnancy progresses. The BabyPlus sound patterns introduce your child to a sequential learning process, using the natural rhythms of their own environment.

This "auditory exercise" strengthens learning ability during the developmental period when the advantages will be most significant and enduring for a child. BabyPlus is the first learning tool designed for prenatal use that has been proven effective. BabyPlus children have a cognitive,developmental, creative, and emotional advantage from the time they are born.

Your baby can very clearly hear these patterns. She/he learns to discriminate between the sound coming from the mother and those from BabyPlus. In other words, learning has begun.

BabyPlus is based on the principles of early neuroscience.

Our prenatal curriculum introduces your developing baby to learning in the only true language of the prenatal environment, the language of the maternal heartbeat. 
However, scientifically conducted studies show that the prenatal child recognizes the maternal heartbeat and can learn to differentiate progressively more rhythmic patterns of that sound.

The BabyPlus Company thanks the proactive parents from over 60 countries worldwide who have chosen to give their children the BabyPlus advantage.

What is Prenatal Learning? Every mother knows that her child's physical development begins during the crucial prenatal months. Taking a prenatal vitamin to enrich a child's nutritional environment is the standard-of-care for providing an optimal environment during a child's earliest physical development. It is widely accepted that a child's learning ability begins during those very same prenatal months. Educators, scientists, and physicians alike have long ago acknowledged the vital importance of a healthy and enriched prenatal environment as it pertains to the long term development and learning ability of a child. An age-appropriate prenatal curriculum strengthens a child's ability to learn during the developmental period when the advantages will be most significant for the child.