We receive so many letters and emails from parents who have used the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System and would like to share their stories with you. We’ve included just a few so that you can get an idea of the impact BabyPlus has made and continues to make on so many lives.

We also hear from doctors, therapists and other developmental professionals who have used our product and believe in its benefits. Read what they have to say about BabyPlus.

If you have used our curriculum, write to us and we’d love to include your children’s success story! Now, onto the testimonials…


Danielle & Brian:

lincoln-testimonialWe are true believers in the BabyPlus Prenatal Educational System. Brian and I were first introduced to the system by a family friend and I immediately began wearing our BabyPlus system around the 20th week of pregnancy, and until 41 weeks when Lincoln finally arrived.

We have been truly blessed with one of the easiest babies I have ever met. Now, that is not to say that all of his characteristics didn’t come from our genes, but we believe that the BabyPlus System helped strengthen the way our baby was able to stay calm, self soothe, sleep peacefully, and interact with others so well from the very beginning.

Even starting with our 4D ultrasound you could tell that Lincoln was aware of what was going on, was sucking his big toe, and relaxing with hand behind head for all to see! Once Lincoln was born on St Patrick’s day at 41 weeks, we knew we had a special child as he cried only when hungry and immediately would relax, smile, or charm the women around him. Lincoln began sleeping through the night at 3.5 months, self soothed himself for naps and bedtime with his thumb around 5 months and teethed the first 3 teeth without a peep!

lincoln-2Lincoln is now 13 months old and will still lay down immediately, self soothe and go down for naps/bedtime with out a peep. He will also eat everything and anything that is placed upon his plate, which is amazing considering my husband was and still is a picky eater. Lincoln smiles and giggles, will play hide and seek with strangers walking by, and he can be passed to anyone without crying (but examines you head to toe first)! When Lincoln bumps his head, gets shots or falls down from walking – he will rub out the Ouchy spot, cry briefly, and then smile and be on his little merry way! He is laid back, relaxed, happy and a true observer – which we believe are all characteristics that BabyPlus was able to help strengthen with in the womb.


Both of our sons benefited from the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System. My initial encounter with BabyPlus was almost 9 years ago when I became pregnant with my older son.

My husband saw an ad in a pregnancy magazine and after some research online, secretly bought the product. He presented it to me with a little embarrassment at first, but I understood the concept right away and started using it. The result was…amazing!

Our first baby was super easy-going, slept through the night almost immediately and nursed really well.

More than anything, he was a really happy, friendly and fun baby and everyone, including total strangers, absolutely loved him! However, we didn’t necessarily attribute everything to BabyPlus as he was our first and we did a lot of prenatal education activities such as reading to him, singing to him, playing kick-games, etc, on our own besides BabyPlus during pregnancy.

What made it firm for us that BabyPlus really works was when our second son was born. 17 months after the first birth, we had another boy. This time we were convinced BabyPlus worked because we did absolutely NOTHING for Taikyo (prenatal education) except for BabyPlus and this baby was even easier – he just ate and slept all day for the first 2 months!! When he was awake, he would just laugh or smile all the time. People called him the Buddha baby

Our sons are currently 8 3/4 and 6 1/2 years old. Our 1st son was such an easy-going, fun baby. We weren’t sure how much we could attribute to Baby Plus, but when our 2nd son was born, we were sure they both benefited from BabyPlus. They both slept and nursed so well and were just so easy and fun we knew it couldn’t have been just luck.

They continue to adjust to any new environment easily and are friendly to everyone, always smiling/laughing. They still go to sleep very easily and sleep through the night as they have been ever since they were newborns. They have great appetite and are extremely healthy.

They are perfect bilingual and bi-cultural children with a great sense of humor. They are constantly working on making things funnier, which we consider their best talent.

It’s been an amazing journey. Most people are skeptical at first just like we were or tend to think it’s hit or miss…but they become “believers” after birth and we keep seeing similar rave reviews all over the Internet now.

Thank you, BabyPlus!!


We are the proud parents of Alexandra. Our daughter is a bright, outgoing little girl loaded with confidence and charm. Speaks and understands three languages and can transfer easily between them. She has started playing piano, creating songs and dance moves on her own. She enjoys photography, making videos, and surfing the internet for games. She has competed and won both modeling and dance contests. Since her first day at school she has helped other students with their assignments, including students older than her.

We first heard of BabyPlus from our good friends Paul and Jill in Malaysia, who had used it on their second pregnancy, and seen the differences between their two children. So we researched it and read letters, (like this one), from happy parents, and spoke with our OB/GYN, (who is her Godfather, our friend and my alumni) and he thought it made total sense. He told us that it was starting her mind to organize itself early, instead of after she was born. The very moment our daughter was born, I knew she was special when I watched her look around the room, quietly taking in everything as if reading the posters on the wall, everyone noticed it also.

This past spring Alexandra, or “Lexie” as we call her, was in the national news (she is all over the internet, but they spelled her name as “Lexi”). She appeared on Fox and Friends and was recently presented her greatest award yet. She was honored by both her school and the county 911 Emergency Call Center for her quick thinking, calmness, and articulation of the vital information need in order for emergency services to respond when her father fell off their dock 7 feet head first into razor sharp oyster beds, lacerating his forehead, nose, (requiring over 50 sutures to close) and fracturing his neck.

Lexie was standing behind her dad, and watched him fall, observed his injuries and told him “Daddy you are hurt and bleeding bad.” She ran into the house and dialed 911. Holding back her fear and emotion, she calmly told the 911 operator what had happened, what the injury was and her address so help could come quickly. I smile with prided as I write this, but get choked up with tears also, as I am Lexie’s Dad! She later told me that she thought I “was going to be dead” and gave me a big hug. Oh, did I mention she was only 4 years old?

She started Kindergarten when she was three and half at a private prep school and enters first grade this fall before she even turns five. She had tested at 3 1/2 years at first grade level, and is the youngest person ever to be enrolled at this K-12 performing arts and science preparatory school. Lexie has been a star student and is well liked by students of all ages.

We gave our friend a BabyPlus and her daughter Isabelle is equally bright and articulate. Just the other day we commented on how our daughters were so much alike and intellectually ahead of their peers. The funny thing is I read all these things BEFORE about BabyPlus from parents who used it, and now I am writing the same things. Our daughter is not only bright and intelligent; she is loving and caring with a deeper understanding of things than her peers – and she is so funny too. Thanks BabyPlus, it WORKS!

Port Richey, FL


I am excited to share a true testimonial about the BabyPlus Prenatal Learning System. I stumbled upon this product during my pregnancy and I could not wait to order one, and so I did. I read all of the benefits of using BabyPlus to my husband, who was a bit skeptical in the beginning. I wore it faithfully as advised, and I must say when the baby was born, he was such a joy, not to say that babies can’t be naturally born this way, yet, I could honestly tell the difference. He rarely cried, which was almost a concern, and when he did cry often times he could soothe himself if we did not answer quickly. At age one the way he held a pencil and understood the concept of pencil to paper was amazing. Now at age 3 his attention span is almost unbelievable. My baby can sit for extended periods of time before he realizes he’s sitting still the way I want him to. Because he can sit so long I take advantage by teaching him Preschool Basics, and he again can comprehend and repeat what I just taught him. Honestly the BabyPlus Education system works so well that we have passed it around to 3 other mothers in the family, and they all agree. We promise to continue to use it because of the Amazing results that have been proven. I advise any mother to try this and you will be writing your testimonial as well.

The Turner Family
Detroit, MI



moore3moore1 moore2

The Moore Family from Ohio, Dad Chuck talks about their BabyPlus Baby

How the wonderful world of BabyPlus began in the Moore Household. It all started with a visit from my Megan’s cousin Mike, who lives in Indiana. Mike has been very fortunate to meet and work with Lisa and all the ladies at the BabyPlus home office. After learning all about BabyPlus and all of their success, he was very eager to buy one for us and welcome us all into the BabyPlus World! It didn’t take any persuasion for my wife Megan to begin using BabyPlus! Besides, what could it really hurt! I began to gain curiosity, so I went to the BabyPlus web site to check it our further. I was astonished after reading everyone’s testimonials. I remember lying in bed that night wondering if this was really true and if this could really happen to our future bundle of joy. Could it really be possible to start setting the tone for our child’s entire life before her birth? Would this give her the tools needed to succeed in this fast pace world? YES YES YES!!

After much anticipation, our little girl blessed our lives on March 31, 2008. Things have been nothing short of amazing ever since. While we were in the hospital, the nurses couldn’t believe how content Miss Taylor was. She slept thru the night almost immediately. She almost never cried and adapted well to all of her surroundings. I can recall different comments our pediatrician made during our visits. At 3 months the doctor couldn’t believe she was still sleeping thru the night and was so alert and attentive. Taylor would get her shots and cry for a second then smile to the nurse before she left. At 6 months she was sitting up and crawling all over the place. At 9 months Taylor was sitting so well on her own, crawling, pulling herself up on everything and just a few days away from walking. She could already turn the pages of books and could recognize where to touch on her “feel” books. I can remember Megan telling me how she was so embarrassed at the one-year checkup. The doctor mentioned all of these milestones Taylor would be reaching soon…walking, climbing up steps, talking, recognizing mommy and daddy, holding a crayon, etc. We both just laughed, kind of embarrassed; knowing Taylor was already doing all of these things for some time. Taylor had also started learning sign language about this time. She was able to sign to us when she wanted “more,” wanted a “drink,” or wanted to say “no.” This was truly amazing to me. How could a little baby learn sign language and communicate so well?

Our little “T T Moore,” as she likes to call herself, just turned 2. She is such a joy to watch discover and learn new things each day. She can “run” with the big kids and is so coordinated it amazes our family and friends. She knows and recognizes so many words it is amazing. She loves to do letter and word recognition games, practice her color and shape flashcards, as well as use sign language to share with us all of the new words she has learned. She can say any word she wishes and communicates well beyond her two years. She hit all of her two year old milestones much earlier than expected and once again our Doctor was truly amazed!

At an early age Taylor joined me at the driving range and on the golf course. She would sit in her carrier as content as could be as I would hit golf balls. As she grew older she loved to ride beside me in the golf cart just enjoying her new surroundings. Now she loads up her clubs and is coordinated enough to hit the ball on her own! I feel so fortunate and blessed that Mike gave us such a wonderful gift that will continue to give Taylor’s entire life. Every person I know who gets pregnant I tell them about BabyPlus. I couldn’t imagine having a baby without BabyPlus. Friends who have “witnessed” Taylor growing up would not have another baby without using BabyPlus. I feel that is the ultimate compliment to the BabyPlus team and their many years of research. With her love of learning already at two, I am sure I will be astonished at what continues to take place over the next few years. I look forward to all that awaits in our lives with Taylor. It is truly amazing what BabyPlus can do for your child.

I give it my highest recommendation and feel so honored and fortunate that I have a BabyPlus Baby.

Chuck Moore, Proud Father


The Quatela Family from Florida

I first heard about BabyPlus in a parenting magazine during the first couple of months of my first pregnancy. It caught my attention immediately as I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I wanted to give my children every advantage I could give them and to nurture that early ability to learn and be intelligent, happy, healthy individuals. So I started to do some research and decided to go ahead and buy the BabyPlus as my first gift to my daughter. While using BabyPlus during my pregnancy I noticed that my daughter would start to anticipate that it was time to start our “lessons” as I used the BabyPlus at the same times everyday. Once the lesson started she would move around some and then calm down, I believe she would eventually be calmed by the familiarity of it and fall asleep. Often times it soothed me to a nice sleep as well. The first time I noticed the wonderful effects of BabyPlus on my first born daughter was the day she was born. She was amazingly alert and had her eyes just wide open. While she was on the scale being weighed and cleaned up she actually reached up and grabbed the nurse’s stethoscope. Everyone in the room was in shock. Later that evening I was sitting in a chair by the window with my baby girl lying on my chest and she started crawling and inching her way up my chest closer to my heart.

Over the weeks and months to come everywhere we went people always commented on how alert and attentive she was – parents, doctors, nurses – everyone. Our daughter began “cruising” as they call it at 7 1/2 months and by 8 1/2 months was completely walking. She has reached all of her developmental and motor milestones on an average of 3 months earlier than expected and always a lot sooner than her peers. She is now 23 months and is reading. Her vocabulary is very broad and since she was about a year old she has been talking. In comparison to other kids we come into daily contact through playgroups and such she is right up there with the 3 to 4 year olds. She can count, knows her colors, memorizes songs and books after just a couple of times hearing them. I could truly go on and on and on about how incredibly smart this little girl is. Another important benefit of the BabyPlus system is how adaptive she is to any changes brought her way. I never have had to coax her into doing something different, such as getting rid of the bottle or going from formula to solids. Not even when it was time to put her in her own crib in her own room at 3 months did she give us any trouble. She takes it all in stride. Her sleeping habits are golden as well; she sleeps 12 hours straight through the night since about 4 months and takes a daily nap of about 2 hours. She is a self soothing child and just a bright ray of light in our lives.

After all these incredible tangible benefits we knew once we found out we were expecting our 2nd child that we would be using BabyPlus on her as well. Our 2nd daughter was born 5 weeks prematurely due to my placenta previa and spent 7 days in the NICU on a ventilator for the first 4 days. Any parent who has had the unfortunate circumstance of having a child in the NICU knows it is not a very calm or comforting place to be. All the while my little girl was going through all this in the NICU she was always calm and also very alert. The nurses and neonatologists were always commenting on how they couldn’t believe how calm and adaptive she was, they actually said she was adaptive, which is one of the greatest effects I believe BabyPlus gives a baby. She is now 4 months old and is rolling over and sitting up. She is constantly cooing and smiling and is always watching everything and everyone around her. She just came out of the hospital after being in there a week, and all of the nurses were constantly commenting on her demeanor and pleasant disposition. One of the doctors couldn’t believe she was only 4 months old and told me she was incredibly strong and advanced for her age. She is now sleeping through the night as well and is also just a bright happy little girl. She is following right along in her sisters footsteps and once again I am proud to have another BabyPlus baby.

I have no doubt that my daughters have an advantage over most babies because of BabyPlus. I am happy in knowing that I have given this gift to my daughters and hope that more and more parents become aware of the amazing things that BabyPlus can do for their children and start using it.


I used baby plus when I was pregnant with my son six years ago. All the things you said your product would do rang true with him from infant to toddler and now to kindergarten. His teacher says he is definitely top in his class. People comment all the time on how great of a kid he is. Not until recently did my husband and I contribute it to baby plus. We kind of forgot about it. I remember our families how skeptical they were about it. We can’t really prove that it is because of your product. But I am not ashamed to give baby plus the credit it deserves. Great job, it was worth the money to us. We would recommend it to all.

Jason and Jamie
Malta Montana


Attn: BabyPlus Company

We are anxiously awaiting delivery of our new BabyPlus Prenatal Education System. My wife and I first became aware of the amazing prenatal learning and development system 20 years ago. After reading information about Dr. Brent Logan and his development of the pre-learning system for inutero stimulation and development of the fetal brain, we contacted his organization and ordered the system for my wife to use during her pregnancy with our son who is now 19 years old.

The original system utilized a walkman cassette tape player and audio belt. Our son showed signs of giftedness early on. He was successful throughout his school years and learning has always come easily to him. He excelled in all aspects of mathematics. (It just makes sense to me, Dad). He is currently a sophomore in college, doing well, with excellent prospects ahead. We shared the pre-learning system with others over the years and in particular with my son and daughter-in-law when our first grandson was conceived. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our friends and family (that) have used the system. Our grandson is now 23 months old, very bright with a wonderful disposition. We are anxiously anticipating the birth of our first granddaughter soon. We are thrilled to know that BabyPlus LLC has continued to develop and improve the original pre-learning system.

This system has been so easy to use. We have experienced nothing but positive results. We are enthusiastic promoters of the prenatal learning system and fully expect that it will continue to thrive and grow in popularity all over the globe.

Maurie B.
Topeka, KS


My child is now four, and I consistently hear from her preschool teachers, who are very experienced – her PK3 teacher last year has taught for 35 years and has a master’s degree – that she is unique even among the other very bright children that they work with. They can’t say enough good things about her. This is a quote from her teacher at her summer school, where she has gone every summer since age 2: “I hope I get to know your daughter in 20 years. She really stands out among all the children that I have worked with. She will have an amazing life and contribute to many people along the way. Enjoy the ride.”

It is hard to quantify what makes her so different from the other children. It is not just pure academics but an overall higher level of engagement with the world and everyone around her. We have seen this since birth!






As an expectant mother, I was very excited to receive Baby Plus for Christmas as a gift from my husband. I used Baby Plus religiously from the recommended start time of 18 weeks until I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Olivia, in August 2009. As a result, I feel Olivia made a much smoother and more peaceful transition into the world. At three weeks old, Olivia was already sleeping through the night. She is rarely fussy. Her waking hours have always been positively playful and calm, and I attribute much of this success to the Baby Plus pre-natal education system. We certainly plan to use Baby Plus again with our future pregnancies. Thank you Baby Plus!









My BabyPlus twins – James Wade and Riley Elizabeth – were born at 36 weeks on July 13, 2009. I used the BabyPlus system religiously twice a day throughout my pregnancy and then once a day while on bedrest – the twins were simply too active to do it twice a day at that point!

Though born prematurely, they were both 100% healthy – no issues with eating, breathing, or controlling their temperatures – and they were able to come home with us from the hospital right away! From birth, both babies were wide-eyed and alert. We absolutely love the 2-3 hours we get with them each day when they are awake and looking around, as most newborns spend hardly any time awake.

We were delighted (but not surprised), to find that both babies had already hit their one month developmental milestones by their first week pediatrician appointment. They were holding up and turning their heads, gripping objects, had relaxed hands and had both eyes working together, to name a few! They are very calm throughout the day and we can’t wait to see them thrive and excel in the months (and years!) to come.




Hello, I like many was very skeptical when my fiance told me about the BabyPlus. His bestfriend’s wife used BabyPlus and wanted to give us one when she found out we were expecting. I was hesitant about whether or not the BabyPlus would really work. I wore it anyway from 18 weeks to 38 weeks. There were many days that I only wore it one time a day, so I continued to use it up to 38 weeks. This is my second baby and I am seeing an incredible difference between this baby and my first one (which I didn’t use BabyPlus with). My baby (born 5/21/09) has been sleeping 9-10 hours a night since around 7 weeks. He doesn’t even wake for feeding. People always say that your babies need solids to start sleeping through the night, but I have no intentions on starting my baby on solids until 4 months, and this is proof that they truly don’t have to have solids so early. His 6 oz. bottle of formula before bed is enough. He sleeps from 9:00PM to 6:00AM or later. He is also very alert and very happy. He focuses on things very well and when I stand him up, he tries to stand up on his own. I am amazed by how advanced my second child is compared to my first and I have no reason not to believe it is because of the BabyPlus, and I just wanted to say Thank You. A working mother couldn’t ask for anything more than an incredible baby that sleeps through the night. 🙂

Atlanta, GA.



Our son Cash was born February 3rd 2009. He was a Babyplus baby, I religiously used Babyplus for the last 16 weeks of my pregnancy. In every lesson he was responding and kicking when I had the device on my tummy. He is so calm, so alert, he sleeps 10-12 hours (since week 8), and he rolled over at week 8. Everyone comments on his alertness and says he looks so much older than his age, because he really focuses on so many things. I am convinced that Babyplus has something to do with his demeanor. With our second child I am absolutely using this product!

Colette F.


As soon as I found the Baby Plus system, I knew it was for me. I have a degree in Child Development and I own a private school educating children from birth to primary grades. I am constantly researching ways to stimulate development. It makes total sense to start that stimulation in the womb while the brain is developing! I used the Baby Plus system faithfully from 18 weeks on. And like others, I also endured constant questioning from skeptic. I’m sure they feel silly now!! My daughter turned 17 months old today and she is by far the brightest child of her age that I have ever known. And that is saying a lot!

Directly after birth she was alert and tracking voices. She would even turn her head to follow my husband! She has met every milestone very early. She said her first words at 4 months. She was talking in sentences by 10 months. Now, at seventeen months she knows the names of all 80 children at our school. She can identify letters and can even write “M”s and “A”s. She can identify and sort by colors. She sings full songs. She can count to 10. She has always been extremely friendly and outgoing. At 15 months she had COMPLETED all of her 2 year milestones.

I will continue to recommend Baby Plus to every expectant mother I meet. And to all the baby plus parents out there… don’t underestimate what your child can do! Provide them with every experience possible and they will continuously surprise you!

BS Child Development,
Preschool/Primary School Owner/Director,
and proud Parent!!!!!!!


Thank you many times over for the tips. My beautiful baby boy was born on Feb. 7 and he cried a few times after the doctor slapped his bum, and after that, he was completely alert and quiet while 4 attendants completed their exams on him. We’ve had him home for a little over one week and aside from the circumcision pain and hunger pains, he is not fussy at all. He is very alert and breastfeeds very well. One of my girlfriends, who is 3 months pregnant now, says she wanted to wait and see how my baby turned out!! Now that she has seen him, she too will commit herself to BabyPlus!


I wrote in recently letting you all know how amazing your product is and the wonderful effects its had on my daughter. I’m basically writing in to update you, on the incredible things my little girl is up to. She started walking at about 8 months and is now 9 months old and completely walking independantly on her own. She can do about 5 different things without us demonstrating to her what it is she is supposed to do. For example, I can tell her “Arms Up” “Clap” “Arms Down” “Kiss” “Splash” and “Blow Bubbles” (the last 2 when she is in the pool) and she does them all. She now says about 10 different words and is incredibly alert and attentive. She has figured out how to open the safety gate to our dogs area, gets into their room and closes the gate behind her. That’s not exactly something we wanted her to learn (lol) but, the fact that she figured out how to open the gate, get in the room, and close it behind her is simply amazing. We are trying for baby #2 and will surely be using our Baby Plus during this future pregnancy as well!

Your product is incredible!

Thanks again,

Carolina Q.


I just wanted to write a quick note praising your amazing technology. I used your monitor as instructed during my pregnancy with my first child and have to say that I truly believe it impacted the cognitive abilities of my child. My daughter who is now six years old, has been from birth an incredibly calm, well balanced, and highly gifted child. She began to read before the age of three, was fully conversation by the age of two and walked by 10 months of age. When she was two and a half she was able to independently play on my computer and was able to do basic math (single digit addition/ subtraction) by the age of 4. Now, at six years of age, she has a fourth grade reading level and is able to do third grade math. She currently attends a school for gifted children and is at the top of her grade. Most importantly, she is a very peaceful happy little girl who amazes us with so many talents. I can not thank you enough for developing such an easy to use product that gave my daughter a lifelong positive contribution. I can not recommend this product enough.

Julia, New York


After hearing and reading all of the positive things that the research had shown, as a parent and as a teacher, I was anxious, excited, and ready to use Baby Plus.

From the moment my daughter was born, my ob/gyn and the nurses commented on how alert Olivia was…eyes wide open, looking around, and clearly trying to take in everything that this new world had to offer. Olivia took to nursing right away and it was a wonderful experience. Sleeping was another thing that amazed me with Olivia. She was sleeping through the night (11:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m.) at eight weeks old. At one week old, she turned her head from one side to the other. She rolled over from her belly to her back and back again at an early time. Olivia said “mama” at the six months old, while looking right at me. She really began talking around her first birthday, and could put two words together, like “more milk” around 16 months. As Olivia got older, the things she did continued to amaze me each day. I started working with letter and number recognition with Olivia at the age of two, and by two and a half, Olivia knew all of her letters. She could spell her name by herself by the age of two. Olivia knew all of her colors, shapes, including ones like “oval” and “diamond”. By the age of three, she knew all of her sounds and she could write her first name. Now, at the age of three and a half, Olivia can spell her first and last name and is now trying to spell words on her own.

I also have an 18 month old, Avery, with whom I used Baby Plus with as well. My husband and I are seeing all of the same developments that we did with Olivia. She took to nursing right away, and was sleeping through the night at seven weeks. Avery began speaking very early, and too, at 16 months, began putting two words together. Right now, at 18 months, she is trying to count…1, 2, 3, and when she hears her big sis, Olivia, say a letter, she tries to sing the alphabet. My husband and I are seeing all of the same things we saw developmentally with Olivia again with Avery.

As educators, my husband and I are naturally always working on academics with the girls. Even so, we know that Baby Plus has also contributed to Olivia and Avery’s development. I would use it again in a heartbeat, and am always trying to educate any of my friends and family that are pregnant about Baby Plus. It is a wonderful product and my daughters have greatly benefited from it! I want to thank you for providing both of my children all of the amazing educational opportunities that they have been given, along with the many more that will be to follow in the future.

Teacher & BabyPlus Mother of Two


I would highly recommend BabyPlus to anyone considering giving it a try. From the time our baby boy was born he has been extremely alert. We constantly get comments from people saying “what a great baby, he seems so content!” He sleeps very well through the night and has been able to “self soothe” from an early age. My husband and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to promote early development in our child through the use of BabyPlus. Although he is our first child, we can only assume that BabyPlus enhanced our son’s cognitive abilities and stimulated the process of learning early on. I will definitely use it with any future pregnancies!

Thank you for the opportunity to use your product!

Allison H.


I was very skeptical but figured for the return, it was worth trying out BabyPlus. While I can’t specifically say it’s because of BabyPlus, everything I read about the benefits of using BP has come true with our (now) 8 month old daughter. She appeared “alert” from day one practically and all of her big milestones are occurring about 3 to 4 weeks ahead of her other friends who were all born around that time- – rolling over at 3.75 months, standing up and holding onto something at 4 months, sitting up on her own and playing with toys at 4.5 months, crawling between 7 and 7.5 months…. She has been such an easy baby and we are so fortunate that she is happy AND healthy too.

I will definitely be using BP again when it comes time for Baby #2…. Until then, we remain true fans!




My name is Tyria Johnson. I am writing you this email to happily inform you of the tremendous success that you product has offered my child. I was working at MiMi Maternity when I was first introduced to you product and began marketing it to customers. However I became very interested when I found out I was pregnant. I began wearing the device at about 19 weeks. I would wear it not only in my home, but while at work too. At first my family thought it was funny, but were really eager to see what the outcome would be. I called it my baby’s school. As time went by my son would began to respond to the lessons as he grew in utero. I had him at 38 weeks and he is absolutely amazing. People are just amazed at what all he can do. He was born on the morning of Oct. 3rd 2008. He began to nurse immediately. At one day old, his pediatrician came in to assess him and he could lift himself into a sky diving position. His doctor was very impressed. I had a few emtional problems throughout my pregnancy, and Trinton, my son, is a very calm baby. Like you product says, he can easily sooth himself. While in the hospital he slept through the night, and we would have to wake him up to feed him, and he continues to sleep through the night at home. He also smiles like he is 5 months old and is very alert. I hear so many doctors and other people say how they have never seen a baby do what he does. He is not even 2 weeks old, and can roll over to his side. I could go on all day about the new things that I discover, but its not just the fact that I’m his mom, it’s the others who notice it. I have a friend who is pregnant and is asking is she can borrow the BabyPlus, and my sisters can’t wait to get pregnant so they can use it. When I first purchased it, it was to see if my parents and others could see a difference because this is my first child, and the results and responses are out of this world. I think my son would be a great spokesman for you product. He is truly a testament to you product. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. I have attached two pictures of him. The first is a newborn picture and the second is a picture when he was 5 days old. You be the judge.

Tyria J. and Trinton



To Whom It May Concern:

I received BabyPlus when I was six months pregnant as a gift from my sister-in-law who markets your product out of Decatur, Illinois. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and had never heard of BabyPlus before receiving it. Now I see it in all the maternity stores.

I highly recommend your product. My daughter was born in February of 2008, and she was very advanced from the beginning. I had a long and complicated labor and eventually had a Cesarean Section which was extremely tiring. My daughter had to endure all of this as well. With that in mind, no one could believe how alert she was at delivery. She was wide awake for hours and lifted her head up immediately. She was very strong. She has done everything very early. She could roll over at three months, began crawling at four months, pulled herself to standing and began holding on to the couch to walk at five months, and stood unassisted at six months. She just turned seven months, and I believe walking is going to happen soon. People have always commented on how alert and bright she is. She is and always has been a very good baby. She is very responsive, interactive, and calm. She slept through the night for the first time at ten days old and has continued this streak since then.

I believe a huge part of her intelligence, mental, and physical advancements are due to BabyPlus. I would highly recommend your product to any pregnant friends and family members. Thank you for BabyPlus.


Allison Marshall


My son is going to be 1 next month; I wanted to wait for his first birthday to write my testimonial about my amazing son. I had a lot of skeptics during my pregnancy about using the BabyPlus system, from my husband to my boss, they all laughed at me because of the funny noise it made, but I didn’t care because if it did work, then fantastic. And boy did it, everything that the previous testimonials had stated, were facts when it came to my son. He had his eyes open at birth, he knew my voice so that I could calm him down from crying, he was extremely alert, I received comments from everyone who met him. People to this day still exclaim, “wow, he is so intentive” or “he is extremely alert” and my favorite is “you can tell he’s just so smart”. At 10 days, he held his bottle. He began sleeping through the night at 4-5 weeks. He could stand with help at only one month. It seems like he has always smiled. I take him to work with me, he’s always been extremely social but the cutest thing he did was when he was about 5-6 months, he would walk around in his walker and go to peoples offices and say “Hi!” and “Hey”. It was too cute. My son took his first steps at 9 months. He met every milestone early, as the website promised he would. He is a wonderful baby. There are also people that have never heard him cry because he is always so happy and interactive. He also likes to be read to. Just this morning he made mommy and daddy read the same book to him about 10 times. Each time, at the last page, he’d shut the book, and flip it to the beginning and open it to the first page, then cry if we tried to put the book down. I am so amazed by how wonderfully my son has turned out. Also, I am overly satisfied with the BabyPlus system, and every person that I know that gets pregnant I let them know that they have to get it, then I get to brag about how great my son is. I will definitely be using it with every pregnancy. Thank you BabyPlus!!!



When first seeing the BabyPlus in magazines and at motherhood, I was VERY skeptical and normally do not buy into all the propaganda. But, the more I read and learned and after speaking to my doctor I bought the BabyPlus system and began using it at 20 weeks. I continued to use the system pretty regularly although I occasionally skipped lessons. I used the system until 32 weeks and delivered a beautiful healthy little girl at 39 1/2 weeks via cesarean.

Elizabeth is only 16 weeks and is thriving. She latched on immediately and continues to meet all her milestones. She is a very calm little girl with a wonderful disposition. I will not hesitate to use the BabyPlus system on my next pregnancy! The only changes I would make is to start at 18 weeks and continue until the very end.

a very satisfied consumer,



It’s hard to believe that my BabyPlus baby is 7. I was researching your website for a friend who is currently pregnant & thought I would share my experience with BabyPlus. My son has always been exceptional, but it has been over the past several years that I have notice just how much. My son was born at 32 weeks & spent the first 4 weeks of his life in the NICU. The nurses were amazing that he never needed a ventilator or additional oxygen being born so young. When we did take him home, we were told to expect developmental delays from him-that he basically had an 8 week lag. Well, I am proud to say that he hit every benchmark! At the time I didn’t realize just how extraordinary that was (I was busy being a Mom).

Now he will be entering 2nd grade at a private academy and couldn’t be more pleased with the BabyPlus results. There seems to be this unspoken standard that boys should be held back before starting school. I struggled with this. Technically, my son should be entering 1st grade, but there was no way to hold him back. All his previous teachers would complement him on his focus & eagerness to learn & do well. He enjoys school & the knowledge it gives him. Before being accepted to his current school, my son was tested by an administrator & tested in the 97 percentile of children his age. He was tested in reading, math & verbal skills. In both subjects he tested a grade ahead of where he should be. Also, the administrator commented that she could not even chart his verbal skills. She was amazed by his command of the English language & how well he expressed himself.

School is not the only area in which my son seems to excel. He’s also quite the athlete. Any sport he attempts seems to come naturally to him. We recently entered the team sport arena playing flag football. His coach constantly commented on not only his physical ability, but mentally how well he adapted to the game at 6. Once again, we were faced with whether to leave him in a certain age group or advance him.

I had no idea what benefits my son would receive from the BabyPlus, but after 7 years I continue to say to myself “It must be the BabyPlus.” What a phenomenal product that every expecting mother should know about.

Thank you.

Super satisfied . . . I believe in the results
I can’t say definitively that we have the best-adjusted babies because of our use of BabyPlus, but I am a believer. I used the BabyPlus for the entire program during pregnancy and additionally found it to be a great time to bond with my babies. Our 6 month old triplet girls have been through-the-night sleepers since the girls reached the goal weight set by our doctor to stop doing the middle of the night feedings. (Pretty awesome to be able to say about triplets.) Over and over our visitors comment on how peaceful the girls are — my mother-in-law is a big one on “this is really not typical behavior” — the BabyPlus is my secret ingredient in making awesome babies!!


My daughter was one of the first babies to experience your product., and she is a living testimonial to the success of your product. Born in 1990, she just graduated high school with an advanced degree and various honors. She is on her way to the University of Hawaii to study Japanese translation. The best part of your program is that I didn’t need to “force” teach her. From birth she demonstrated a love of learning and an amazing ability to remember what she had learned. Many things she ended up teaching herself! She surpassed her milestone markers.. talking and walking way earlier than normal. At age 1 if someone asked her “how old are you?” She would shock them by responding – “I’m one, how old are you? ” By age 2 she could spell her name, knew her ABC’s , counted to at least 20 and could even recite the pledge of alliance ! ( I have this all on video tape ). For any parent wondering if they should try this product. I would say YES!! – You owe it to your child.






I just had to write to tell you about my positive experience with BabyPlus®. From the day my son Caleb was born he was patient, had good head and body control and only cried when he needed to be changed or fed. He has smiled socially since around 4 weeks old. With the exception of about 2 weeks, he has slept through the night since he was born. He has never even cried himself to sleep, he just plays with his hands and then dozes off. He flipped from front to back at 7 weeks and back to front at 9 weeks. He has tried to stand since the day I brought him home from the hospital. The pictures I have attached were taken when he around 10 weeks old. People are amazed at his calm personality and body control.

He just turned 5 months old and while he hasn’t mastered crawling, at around 4 1/2 months he started flipping from front to back, back to front, front to back until he reached his destination. I have no idea if BabyPlus® is responsible for all, part or none of this, but I will and do recommend this to all my friends and even strangers if I see they are pregnant. I am so happy I was lucky enough to read an article on BabyPlus®. I can’t thank you enough. I would love to see your company come out with something to help babies with the learning process once they are born.

A sincere thanks from Maria and Caleb –

“Your Product Works!”
I’m now on my 3rd pregnancy, and I’m counting down the days until I hit my 18 week mark to start using BabyPlus. I originally purchased this back in 2004 and used it religiously thinking it may not hurt or it may not help, why not give it a go? I can tell you that my 3 year 4 month old is at least 1 — 2 years ahead in verbal and motor skills. Ohio has a free program called “Help Me Grow” that is a free service to all its residents and we had our oldest daughter evaluated at 23 months old. They told us that she was off the charts in her sentence structure, 200 — 300 word vocabulary and in the 4 — 5 year old range as far as what she could answer and understand. I was BLOWN AWAY.My second daughter was born in May of 2006 and by the age of 9 ½ months started to speak words, and by 10 months she had put together her first 2 word sentence, “Mommy, no.” Again, I had used BabyPlus from 18 weeks until I gave birth, a week after my due date!Again, thank you for such a wonderful product because every little bit helps!Sue
Akron, Ohio

The most obvious benefits are lack of fussiness, sleeping full nights much earlier than anticipated, and reaching milestones quicker.
Also, the babies seem to be more cognizant of people and surroundings early into their development.
Most of the people who have had babies with the above results are not willing to have another pregnancy without BabyPlus.Best Regards,




I just wanted to let you know that we bought BabyPlus 9 years ago, when I was pregnant with our now a 8 and half year old boy. At the time, we were living in England and since my husband is from there, no body there had heard of BabyPlus then and they used to laugh at me for doing this ritually every day while I was pregnant.

Anyway, gosh, what can I say, our son has been great from the day one. He’s been everything the box promised and more. He has been easy going, always had had great attention span, focused and we couldn’t have asked for a better child. He now goes to one of the top schools and when it was time to get tested to get into the private school, he was accepted by all four schools that we had applied him to. He speaks both English and Japanese fluently, even though he did not start learning Japanese until he was 5. He has been playing piano since five and he is doing great with that too. His piano teacher always says he is one of the best piano students. His school teachers say he is a great student. He loves to learn and he is very focused. He is a great reader too. We still believe that it must have been because of the BabyPlus.

One of the examples that I might add is that when he was 18 months old, he started going to Montessori school, and they asked me to come in to school with him for first week to go through separation period, well, after the first day, they told me that I didn’t have to come in with him and told me that they never had seen any child adopting the new environment so easily. And I remember thinking of BabyPlus when I heard that comment.

I kept the system in the box for the longest time, and one of my husband’s best friends’ wife is pregnant and she’s going to use it now. I just checked your website and happy to see that BabyPlus is going strong. We believe in the results of using BabyPlus and very happy that we made a decision back then to use it.

So it’s been 9 years, but I just wanted to say thank you and to say that just doing the program twice a day during my pregnancy totally paid off and we are still happy and still smiling.




I used the product as suggested, without fail, every day. When my son was born he was a healthy 9 pounds 2oz. He rated as high as you can for alertness after delivery. He took to breast feeding immediately. I had ZERO problems with nursing my son. He just took to it soo easily. He was a very baby, would sleep anywhere! He started sleeping through the night very early without incident. Now, he’s still a great sleeper, sleeps until 8am everyday. When he was an infant he was very easy to soothe if he was upset. He could entertain himself for long periods of time. He was very strong in his first days in the hospital. My girlfriend is a nurse in a maternity ward, she couldn’t believe it when she came to the hospital to see him, she was holding him and he was lifting his head off her shoulder looking around. She was shocked at his strength and alertness, and she works with babies every day in her job. He met all his developmental milestones remarkably early. We taught him sign language when he was very young, around 4-6 months old. He picked up on it very quickly and would communicate to us most of his needs before he could speak. He started talking when he was 5 months old. His first word was “DaDa”. By 6 months he would say “BaBa” for bottle, “NoNo” meant No. Even as young as 6 months old he would cough or yell to get my attention if he wanted something. He was only 1-1/2 years old when he started putting 2 words together like “more juice”. The doctor gave me a list of milestones to make sure he was doing certain things when he should have been. The list for 2-3year olds, he accomplished everything on that list by the time he was 20 months old, even some things at 16 months old. By 20 months old he could speak clearly enough so that adults could understand what he was saying. By 20 months old he had a word for almost everything. The list ends with the 4-5 year old milestones. He accomplished everything on that list by 29 months old. People that meet my son can’t believe how clearly he speaks and what a big vocabulary he has. My girlfriend took child development in college and said that she could clearly see that my son was advanced. I’m not sure it this trend will continue or if eventually the other kids will simply catch up, but so far, I’ve been thrilled with his development. My husband’s family is full of bright people, so I know some of this is probably genetic, however, my husband and I really feel strongly that BabyPlus played a big part in our son’s tremendous development. If we decide to have another child, I will definitely be pulling out my BabyPlus system again. Whenever someone mentions how well my son speaks, or how he seems ahead for his age, I always mention BabyPlus.

Thanks for a great product. When I was expecting, I felt so good knowing I was doing something to help the development of my still unborn child.


Nadine K.
North Carolina


My daughter is now nearly 4 years old (in April ). She is AMAZING…of course we’re all going to say that about our children. Mya is in pre-school now and her teachers are amazed..she can draw like it’s her job and can speak with the most amazing wisdom. Too smart for her own good…absolutely. Claim the BabyPlus had something to do with it..ABSOLUTELY!!






I purchased BabyPlus for my daughter who used it for a few months before her baby was born.

Kati had a healthy baby boy on October 9th. He is a calm and happy baby. He is already sleeping 5 – 7 hours a night. Loves to lay in his crib and look around – very laid back little guy.





I am 1 of 11 friends who have used the BabyPlus monitor system, we call it the “beat belt” 🙂

We have all had amazing experience with. I have attached a picture of my first born at 2 days old and he looked like this at birth, eyes wide open, hands wide open, alert, quiet, self soothing, he latched on immediately, adapted to routine and is so smart it unnerves people. His vocabulary at 12 months blew peoples minds and now at 4 his school is telling me he is unbelievable. His retention and recall are beyond description.

Karla P


Yes, I have used BabyPlus with THREE babies (currently using with my third) and have seen amazing results. The descriptions on their site are right on as to what I have experienced – the babies have all been very peaceful, and calm. To further back this up, my sisters and sister-in-laws have used BabyPlus for their children — totaling EIGHT more children and all have had the same results. I HIGHLY recommend this product as a small insurance policy to those who want a happy infant! Even the way the babies were born was exactly the way as described in the reviews section… very calm, with hands open and just observing. So much so, that doctors have comented as to how peaceful the babies were immediately following birth. It really is quite amazing. The nurses actually have to work quite hard to get my babies to cry after birth. Is this BabyPlus or genetics… I don’t know but it is wonderful. I have witnessed this with two other babyblus births as well.

If it is too loud, then put a pillow over your tummy to quiet it a bit. You will get used to it, I promise. My husband used to complain but now it seems to lull him right to sleep AND he knows the great benefits of using it so he will ask me at night to go get the BabyPlus and turn it on.

Again, I am telling you this as this pregnancy will be the 11th child in my family to be a BabyPlus baby – no colic, great sleepers, even better nursers from the start and so calm and . The eldest BabyPlus baby is now 10 years old and is showing above average intelligence level… so, it doesn’t hurt to try it. I think if you do, you will find too that BabyPlus is on to something.

Mary Cooper, CEO of mommymixer.com

So…the BabyPlus monitor….OMG!!!!
It’s EVERYTHING the box promises AND MORE!!!!
Baby Cooper was EXTREMELY alert at birth!
He is a GREAT nurser and excels at self soothing!!! He has LOVED to stare at his mobiles and animals hanging from his car carrier and crib…he loves them soooo much and to be sooo alert and always starring at the ceiling that I put some up there tooo!! Hung them from the track lighting and he will sit and cooo at them for hours since he was about THREE weeks! A real treat of a baby and SLEEPS THRU the night since TWO weeks old! He started smiling at FOUR weeks!!! I think we have a SUPER Baby Einstein here! The BabyPlus monitor ROCKS and SOOO worth the time and effort of using it for those important months! He rarely cries, just when he is fighting to go to sleep because he is soooooo aware and self soothing – he fights it and wants to stay awake!!!Thank you!Caralee & Baby Cooper


The first time I saw my sister strap on her BabyPlus so nonchalantly I must admit I thought it was rather weird. She said that her best friend used it and we all know her daughter is a dream, very social, adapts to different environments, very independent and extremely smart. When my nephew was born I saw first hand what BabyPlus is capable of doing and was convinced I had to use it when I got pregnant. A year later I was using it as well. In the early stages the baby would kick a lot when the lesson was in session and I couldn’t figure out if it was annoying (him) or not. As time went by, he would kick the first 5 minutes of the lesson and then I wouldn’t feel him again. As I went further into my pregnancy, I wasn’t always able to put it on at the same time, if I was late my baby would kick like CRAZY. I guess it was his way of letting mommy know it was “School time”. My son was born extremely alert. He took to nursing like he had done it before. He has a very easy going temperament and love to play with people, but can also play alone with his toy. He started putting himself to sleep at two months. And from then on slept through the night and would only wake up to nurse and go right back to sleep. He’s only fussy when he’s hungry, tired or over stimulated. He smiles ALL THE TIME. The most impressive milestone? He rolled over at four weeks. At first I thought it was a fluke but he did it several times and I even caught it on tape. BabyPlus is by far one of the biggest advantages I could have ever given my child. Two thumbs up!

Danielle W.




I have been wanting to write to you for sometime now to let you know that I am so grateful to you for your product. It was worth every penny! My son, Colin William was born 7-20-06 and he is a true gift. His personality is stellar and people always stop and comment on what a delight he is. Also, he is very musical and learns extremely fast. He “reads” books and turns the pages and makes up words just like my 5 year old Kindergarten students do! He is saying words like “blueberry” and “hot potato” already at 14 months…..just amazing! My husband and I will be using BabyPlus when we have another child, for sure!!!

Thanks so much.

Stephanie G.


“Dear BabyPlus,

With skepticism, I purchased BabyPlus and used it twice a day from about week 20-week 36 of my pregnancy. From the time she was born, my daughter has been a charming and easy baby and so alert! Typically, she only fusses/cries if she is hungry, tired or not feeling well. If she fusses because she is tired, she quiets instantly when you put her down in her crib with her lovey toy and goes to sleep on her own. As soon as her little tummy was big enough, she started sleeping through the night. She could hold her bottle around 3 months (we have pictures), and, until she could do it consistently, would always try. Smart girl, though, once she learned, she stopped even touching the bottle because she liked having Mommy or Daddy feed her (until recently, at 7-1/2 months, when she has decided she is a big girl and wants to feed herself, in which case she is satisfied only if she is allowed to feed herself without assistance). She held her head up early, sat up early, crawled early, pulled up early, cruised early and is working on standing (if she could balance now, she would be standing) and continues to amaze the doctor with her advanced physical development. She is already saying “Mama” and “Dada” and chatters to herself and us constantly (she has other words we understand but it is so shocking I haven’t given her official credit yet). Even the transition to daycare, at 6 months, was a breeze for her. I don’t know how much of this behavior is genetic and/or environmental, but I will give BabyPlus some credit, will definitely recommend BabyPlus and will use it much more diligently for my next pregnancy. ”

Proud Mom of Baby Girl Born 1/18/2007
Attorney, Charlotte, North Carolina


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful product. I used it with my first child who is now 23 months and am 18 weeks pregnant and just started again!

My daughter has been amazing from the moment she was born. Yes, I know, I’m her mother but everyone remarked on how alert she was and how calm she was for a newborn. She began nursing from day one and latched on immediately like a pro. She was and always has been a good self-soother and was sleeping through the night between six weeks and two months. As she grew older, she reached major milestones earlier than most children. She walked by 10 months, had a vocabulary over 50 words at 14 months and knew all of her A,B,C’s by 19 months. She even knew all of the sounds of the alphabet by 22 months. Futhermore, she can count to 20, as well as, read numbers to 14. She can even count objects up to 12. Her attention span is amazing, she will sit by herself “reading” for 30 minutes at a stretch and will sit forever having someone read to her. She plays well on her own and has a great imagination. She loves music and has memorized words to many of her favorite songs.

We are constantly amazed at her little accomplishments each day. As soon as we found out we were expecting again, I pulled out my BabyPlus to see if it was in good working condition. Of course, it was. We’re hoping our second child experiences the same results as our first. Thank you, BabyPlus.”

Sincerely, Stacey




“My wife used BabyPlus for the last 5 months of her pregnancy. We were both pretty skeptical, but Maxim has been doing things that I just can’t explain. For example, holding his bottle at only 8 days old. This photo was not setup.

I am pleased. Will recommend your product.”

– Jason L.




“I looked into BabyPlus on a recommendation from a friend who raved about it. After doing my own research, I decided that if it worked half as well as the doctors, nurses and other moms said it would — then it was more than worth it.

I began using the BabyPlus system religiously starting right at 18 weeks. My husband would joke that it sounded like a snare drum. But, the baby seemed to like it — and, would kick more actively when I had it on my belly.

Now, I am so glad I used it –
Our son, Grey, was born more than three months early — at 26 weeks. Right from the start he was an amazing little boy. While Grey only weighed 1 lb 11 oz at birth he amazed doctors by his progress. He was only on the vent for a few short hours, breathing on his own in less than 24 hours — most nurses don’t believe me when I tell them this because it’s so unusual. He went home 10 weeks later at 36 weeks, and weighed almost 8 lbs right around his due date of August 15, 2007.

Despite a traumatic start, he eats well, sleeps well and is a happy baby. My mom says she has never seen a baby smile so much.

I recommend BabyPlus to all my friends, and will definitely use the system again with our next baby.”

Cindy B.
Decatur Il


“I am so grateful that I used BabyPlus throughout my pregnancy. I started using it around 20 weeks twice a day. To be honest with you, I was skeptical but felt like I wasn’t doing any harm so why not just try it. My husband did not believe in it throughout my pregancy. The thumping sound started to bother me after a few weeks so I muffled the sound a bit through my clothes. By week 32 of my pregnancy I wore it only once a day, in the evenings, because wearing it at work was difficult.

Everything that I read about BabyPlus has proven to be true with my (now nine month old) daughter Julia. She is an absolute angel! She was extremely alert and wide-eyed at birth and throughout her newborn days. She has been such a well behaved and calm mannered baby since the very beginning. She hardly ever cries (and only used to unless she was hungry or tired). She is always happy, outgoing, and very interactive. She is easily soothed, is very intelligent for her age range, and is a delight to everyone around her. All of our friends and family comment on how she is the best behaved baby they have ever seen. My husband and I are very hyperactive and “nuts” so people thought that we were going to have a nightmare baby. Well, thanks to BabyPlus, the opposite has come true. We have the best baby we could ever ask for. I plan to use this product with my next pregnancy and reccommend it to friends. Thank you so much. ”

Leslie K.


“I used the BabyPlus with our first (and so far only) daughter. When she was born her eyes were wide open and she was already taking in everything around her. Today, 22 months later, total strangers approach us in restaurants to comment on how well-behaved she is. Instead of the “terrible twos” she is becoming more and more calm, self-assured and sweet natured. We hope to have another!”

Linda S.
Plano, Texas




“Where do I begin? My daughter is now 20 months old. We used BabyPlus during the pregnancy and saw amazing results from the day Lainey was born.

Lainey lifted and turned her head when she was less than a day old. She nursed un-prompted at the first opportunity. She crawled at 6 months, walked at 10. Her vocabulary was well over 100 words at one year. Now at 20 months, we have lost count at well over 300 words. Lainey can put together 8-10 words to communicate with us. She counts to 13 on her own, points out over half the letters of the alphabet and knows the phonic sound for most of the letters (even the difficult sounds for F, V, S and L). Lainey knows her shapes and just mastered her colors. She is friendly and outgoing and has a great sense of humor. Strangers frequently comment on how advanced she is within minutes of meeting her.

BabyPlus…thank you so much for a wonderful product…I tell everyone about it!”

Lainey’s Mom




I too am a believer and I’m purchasing another BabyPlus System for our third baby due 6/2007. We have seen the successful results by using the BPS. With my first pregnancy, I stumbled across the BPS website. I read & re-read, researched and studied the information and even had my engineer husband study the science aspect of this system. I think he was skeptical at first but put the science back into the equation. I was religious about the lesson plans and I truly believe the BPS contributed immensely! Our children, 3 1/2 yr old daughter (born at 37wks) & 2 yr old son (born 39 weeks) both via C-sec were born extremely alert, nursed easily (no problems at all), and best of all, my daughter was speaking & understanding words by 10 mos old. The honest truth! We have been told by many, that both our children are extremely smart & articulate for such a young age. I truly believe its one of the best things you can do for your unborn baby! That’s why I am so excited to use this system for our third baby!

Kelley & Terry F.
Tempe, AZ




I gave birth to Bailey Sky on December 3, 2006 at 12:48 pm. She weighed 6lbs, 1oz and just as BabyPlus promised she was very alert! She willingly latched on and fed for 30 minutes right out of the womb. She already lifts and completely turns her head at 3-and-a-half weeks old!!! It is absolutely amazing. People are already raving on how smart and aware of her surroundings she is!

Atlanta, GA




We would like to share our testimony of our son, Calen, who is now 3 years old in three weeks. When he was born, the nurse stood over me with Calen in her arms ready to give him to me. I was talking to the nurse and he immediately turned his head and looked right at me. The nurse was ASTOUNDED! In addition, he never cried, except of course the usual gas…

He made all the milestones months before the markers. In fact, I was in the pediatrician’s office checking off the usual indicators to show if there are any “problems”…at every appointment, I started to think that this kid is some kind of genius! At 14 months old, he had a vocabulary with over 140+ words, including pro-nouns, verbs, adjectives and nouns. He would say things like “The red truck is here” or “Daddy is standing over there”, never missing a beat.

At 28 months, he would correct his older sisters in their grammar.they are 15 years old and 17 years old.

All who have been around him notice his comprehension. My mother-in-law (who raised 8 children) can not believe she is talking to a child almost 3, she constantly states it is like talking to a 10 year old.

Last month, we were shopping in Costco strolling down the aisle. Calen did his usual of talking away, usually reciting something he has recently learned. We were almost to the end of the aisle and he says “Mommy, Oct — o — pus, has three syllables! The lady coming around the corner just about fell over with shock. She asked him his name and he stared up in the air and said “duuuuhhhhhh”. As soon as she left, he said our last name and said…”Mommy, our last name has three syllables also!” The lady was just out of ear shot and turned and smiled….I told her…”Oh, he’ll be three next month”.

Kindest Regards,
Kim 3 Syl-lab-bles

P.S. Now that he is more intelligent than me…is there an instruction manual?! LOL




When I first read your testimonials regarding BabyPlus I wondered if my child would enjoy the same benefits. I began using the system when I was 18 weeks pregnant but could not keep up the schedule with a fast pace career. I stopped when I was about 31 weeks. I thought that my efforts went down the drain and did not try to look for any benefits from BabyPlus. However, over the past 18 months I’ve made mental notes of my son’s milestones and when I went back to your testimonials to compare I realized that he has accomplished many of the same feats these BabyPlus babies have. I cannot believe that only 13 weeks of using this system had such a positive impact on my son’s development. He never had colic, has been extremely happy and expressive since he was born, laughs as if it’s rolling from his toes since he was 4 months, latched on immediately after birth and today has a vocabulary of about 50 words, not including animal sounds he can make or hand gestures he’s memorized for his favorites songs. I’d like to think it’s part genetic but I know that BabyPlus played a significant role. I will definitely use it completely and diligently during my next pregnancy.

Thank you!

San Francisco, California




BabyPlus has been a wonder for us. I was soo faithful at first then was so busy with the new baby coming that I slacked off around 30 weeks. It didn’t matter, I had done enough. You know it makes you feel fantastic when you know you have done something wonderful for your child. Sometimes in this crazy world you feel like you aren’t doing enough for your child but I will swear by BabyPlus, it gives your child and you the perfect start. The bonding, each heartbeat brings another movement from your baby and each movement is an experience and each experience brings a smile. It gives you a moment with your baby that you might not have had and I can remember those like they were yesterday. Seeing her bright eyes when she was placed in my arms, amazing, something I didn’t expect, no crying, after that first moment of her life, it was un-real. The sleeping…NOTHING can explain that. I fully expected to be up all night.. not so. The only reason I got up was to make sure she ate, I even checked with the Doctor and he said ” if you can bottle that, you’d make a gazillion dollars!” He’s right, BabyPlus is worth it! I can nap if I want, even now when our baby is 22months old. There has never been a night, unless she was sick that she hasn’t slept all the way through the night and that has happened less than 5 times since day one. I was given BabyPlus as a gift, it was the best gift we received. Thank you Lisa for thinking of us! I will use this again when we are pregnant with our second child. Did I forget to mention that our daughter has exceeded where she should be at this point in her life. All of 22 months?

Thank You for creating BabyPlus!!!

Dena B. T.
Fishers, Indiana




I found out about BabyPlus when doing research on the Internet and decided to give it a try. I began using it at 18 weeks and got used to the beating over time (my husband used to joke that I was like the crocodile that swallowed the clock from Peter Pan). How happy am I from the results! My son Benji is just 4 months old (see picture) and sitting up already. From the moment he was born he has been a calm, alert baby. He nursed great right away and the nurses in the hospital would comment on how good he was. His cries are really only when he is hungry or tired, and even at that the duration very short and not intense. He is very observant and everywhere I go, strangers comment on how and happy he behaves. He has been playing with the toys on his vibrating chair since he was 2 weeks old and he plays with toys on average 1 1/2 months ahead of the recommended age. My mother and mother-in-law are constantly telling me how lucky I am that he is so good and I attribute it to BabyPlus. It was well worth the money and all my subsequent pregnancies will be punctuated by the beat of BabyPlus.

Casey Z.




My daughter Ryleigh is now 26 months. I used BabyPlus starting at 19 weeks pregnant with her. Of course, everyone I told was skeptical, but I thought, “What can it hurt?”. When she was born, she was alert and didn’t cry at all. She was sleeping through the night from the day we brought her home; I had to wake her up in the middle of the night to eat, but she went right back to sleep. She then of course hit all of her milestones early; sitting by herself at 5 months, crawling at 6 months, walking at 9 1/2 months. She weaned herself from a bottle. She took her last drink from a bottle the day of her first birthday and never wanted it again. She was drinking diluted juice out of a straw at 5 months (of course we held the cup for her). And she used a fork and spoon at 13 months. Since her 1st birthday it has been one amazing accomplishment after another. People that meet her think she is closer to 4; not having just turned 2. She retains information and has a memory that is unbelievable; she will bring up something in clear detail that happened 3 months before that hasn’t even been talked about since. She can sing pretty much any song she hears on the radio and knows every nursery rhyme/song by heart. She has conversations with people around her like a 5 year old as her speech is completely intelligible. She has been saying her ABCs since 20 months and can count to 20. She also knows all colors and shapes which she has known for the last couple of months. And she also is the most outgoing child. She gets along well and shares with all of her friends at Mother’s Day Out and had no separation anxiety about going. We so look forward to all of her accomplishments and we enjoy watching her amaze us every day. I am now 36 weeks pregnant with our second daughter and I have been using the BabyPlus with this one as well, beginning at 20 weeks. At 27 weeks I had to go into the hospital as I was having some very strong Braxton Hicks that my doctor was concerned about. The L&D nurse told us that our baby was just very active and they have rarely seen such neurological development in a fetus of 27 weeks. She said that typically they don’t see a fetus’ brain development that active until 33 weeks. So we are pretty sure that BabyPlus will benefit this one as well. Thank you for such a great product and I recommend it to EVERYONE!

Jennifer & Brad A.
Corinth, T




I purchased the BabyPlus system when I was 6 months pregnant after an amnio determined that my child has a chromosome abnormality. I was not sure what challenges I would face due to the fact that my daughter’s chromosome duplication is rare and has no information linked to it. I was told to expect a child with physical deformities as well as an uncertain degree of retardation. I was even told to consider terminating my pregnancy. Since there were no sure answers, I was determined to prove the doctors wrong! I was going to do EVERYTHING I could to give this child a head start. I figured it definitely can’t hurt…right? Well, I used the BabyPlus religiously twice a day for an hour each. I was somewhat obsessed because I was feeling so helpless about what might be wrong with my daughter. The BabyPlus System allowed me to feel some relief during a very stressful (and critical) time of my pregnancy. Many of my family members were very skeptical of the BabyPlus, but did not dare say anything because of the situation that I was going through. (I had a beautiful baby girl with no physical deformities)

At birth she did not utter a sound; not a cry or a wail or anything. I have NEVER heard that typical relentless “waa waaa waaa” kind of crying from her EVER! She had her eyes wide open as she came out into the world! Nurses in the delivery room commented on how calm and alert she was. The said they’d never seen a baby so alert and looking around so quickly after birth. She was the only baby in the nursery that had her eyes open and that did not cry at all. Even the hospital photographer made comments on how easy she was to photograph. Most family members (which we see on an almost daily basis) never heard her cry (she’s 25 months old). I can count on one hand how many nights I had to wake up with her in the middle of the night. Before 3 weeks old she was sleeping at least 6 straight hours. Now she will sleep from 10 pm to at least 10 am if I let her. She never had any eating issues, never had colic, spit up maybe 8 times, adjusted to switches in formula with no problems, never fussed, and never cried…it was almost not real. She’s always been very focused and intense. At 5 months old she had a very unusually long attention span and would study things (especially faces and fingers) for a very long time without breaking focus. Many strangers would comment on how calm and peaceful her demeanor was. People still comment on how and happy she is. She hardly fusses. At 25 months she is beginning the “Terrible Twos” and she has had some episodes and she is definitely testing her boundaries, but she completely understand EVERYTHING that is going on and everything that she is told. Compared to her usual behavior for the last two years it is definitely a change, but it nothing compared to other children I have observed at the same age. She will also calm down very quickly if she is having an episode, or if she falls and hurts herself. She is extremely friendly, and accepting of changing situations, will sleep ANYWHERE and stay asleep (always has been that way). I Preach the wonders of the BabyPlus to ANYONE that I know of that is pregnant (sometimes even strangers) at times I’m so passionate that I probably look borderline crazy, but I truly believe in this as a learning tool. How is it possible that ALL of the stories I have read on this site over the past 2 years are so similar; different families, backgrounds, traditions, yet the children all have the same demeanor, and traits – with the BabyPlus as the only common link. It amazes me, but the answer is perfectly clear (at least to me). I always tease people (without kids) and tell them that if they take my daughter over night they may get a false sense of being ready for a baby (Unless of course they use the BabyPlus) because she is soo unbelievably good mannered and it’s almost like not having a baby around. It took me 2 yrs to write this because I wanted to see if the effects were short term or if they lasted longer; also my daughter ‘s case seemed to be a bit different from those I had read on the site.

There is a difference between my story and others that I have read because of my daughters special needs… there are some developmental delays, most likely due to her abnormal chromosome, although doctors will not exclusively attribute her delays to her chromosome duplication. I often wonder what her fate might have been if I did not find the BabyPlus system. I know in my heart that she would have been worse off and I thank God I found this wonderful learning system. Without the BabyPlus, my daughter may have exhibited signs of mental limits as indicated during my pregnancy. I believe it helped with my special situation, and I sure would not like to have gone through what I went through without it. I have since tried to convince friends of mine to borrow my BabyPlus and use it, (so I could do a sort of case study of my own). Unfortunately I had no consistent users. One friend used it once a day, and her daughter is very calm, not colic, eats well, sleeps great and adjusts to all situations. To me – that says something. I am pleased to say that I can now study my next baby, because I am expecting in January of 2006. I am eager to start using the BabyPlus again but I have to wait another 7 weeks before I can begin my lessons.


Michelle and Angelo – Bronx, NY


I bought the BabyPlus system with my last child who is now 3.5 years old. My daughter has always been extremely easy going and bright. She started really speaking and walking at 10 months of age and at 3.5 has the most amazing vocabulary that usually shocks onlookers. The day she was born was startling to us. They placed my little one on my stomach and she simply gazed at me with the most intense stare, my husband was also amazed with how directly she would look at him and would actually turn her head and eyes at passers by, even at a few days old. At birth she let out one cry and then just seemed so from there on out. She barely cried at all as a baby, maybe fuss for a few seconds if diaper was wet, or if she was hungry–if I stayed on top of her schedule, she would never really fuss at all. I have always said that I have been the most spoiled mom I know, because my little one made motherhood such a breeze. I have to say that I attribute this at least in part to this amazing system. I am a firm believer and am actually using the BabyPlus as I write this – with my second baby!

Julia and Family (NYC)





I wanted to share my experience with BabyPlus. I used BabyPlus with my 1st pregnancy. I was a sceptic and my husband even laughed at me. However, my daughter is now 14 months old and has shown all of the benefits that BabyPlus advertises. She nursed very well right from the beginning, she slept 5 hours at night right away, she started walking at 10 months. she is able to self sooth. She is a very compassionate little girl and has taken well to the sign language that I teach her.

I’m pregnant with #2 and I started using BabyPlus again and my husband doesn’t laugh at me this time. 🙂

I highly recommend BabyPlus!!

Many thanks!!

Kelly G.
Cleveland OH




I used your BabyPlus system with my son Aidan. He is now almost 15 months old and a wonder child. He began to crawl at 5 months old, and started walking at 8 months old. He has and continues to be an incredibly happy and baby who is constantly smiling and laughing. People stop me on the street to comment on what a well behaved little boy he is. Our pediatrician is amazed at how quickly Aidan developed physically. He is an excellent sleeper and just started talking up a storm.

I am now pregnant with my second child (a little girl) and just started using BabyPlus again. Thank you for such an incredible product!


Heidi, Jeff and Aidan
Cinnaminson, NJ


I just want to say thank you for making such a wonderful product. I have a 14month old baby girl that is amazing. After reading some of the testimonials I realize my daughters match a lot of them. I used BabyPlus when I was pregnant with her . My husband was skeptical , but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. My daughter was born a healthy happy baby from the start and latched on quickly. Was never a fussy baby and was smiling just a week after she was born !!! We took her on a trip at 8 months , the people on the plane were amazed how wonderful she was . Not a peep instead she was playing peek a boo with the passengers. I am teaching her spanish and she has been talking since about 6 months her first words being Dada and Hi . She now picks up so many words and quickly . My husband is now a believer and we are definetly going to continue using your product for our next child . I continuously encourage new moms to try it .. Definetly worth the money. Thank you again !!!

Maria S.




My husband and I purchased the BabyPlus after ordering the free dvd. We thought it seemed a little fishy but we both thought we would give it a shot. My daughter is now 4 months old and staring smiling at birth. Her doctor is amazed at how fast she is developing and how strong she seems to be. She started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. She would go to sleep at 10pm and get up at 6-7 am. She never fusses and is really amazing. I am not just saying this because this is my child. My sister got married a month ago and we had to travel to Mexico with her. She did not cry once on the plane or once while we were there. She is so We will use BabyPlus with every child we ever have. I tell everyone that they must use it! I have attached some great pictures of Theory.

Thank you again for making this great product!

— Ivy A.




Dear BabyPlus,

I wanted to let you and everyone know how amazing the BabyPlus System really is. My Husband and I bought the system right away in my pregnancy. I read about it in a magazine and I was sold. As soon as my son was born he was very relaxed and alert, the nurses couldn’t believe how alert he was. After we got home from the hospital Camdyn was a very easy and calm baby. He started sleeping through the night at just a couple weeks old, he took to nursing right away, never a problem. He always reached his milestones a couple months earlier than normal. Now, he is 21 months old, and he is so amazingly smart. He could name a ton of animals before he was 13 months old and tell you what sound they made, by 18 months he could name every color that he saw, and now he can count to 10. He is such a quick learner, you pretty much teach him once and he’s got it down. Everyone that meets him comments on how bright he is. Anytime I meet someone who is expecting I share my BabyPlus experience with them.

Thanks BabyPlus,

Stephanie D.




I would like to share my appreciation for this wonderful system. I used the BabyPlus system with my daughter Sophie, now 14 months. Even though I had a very traumatic labor and delivery, 44 hours of labor, 4 1/2 hours of pushing, use of forceps and vacuum, she was calm and alert right after.

Throughout her infancy, Sophie has been a happy child who rarely fussed, and reached every milestone early. She crawled at 6 months, walked at 9 months, showed an early interest in books, and is very interested in everything. Now, at 14 months, she has a vocabulary (sign language and words) of about 40 words, and can effectively communicate what she wants and doesn’t want. I have seen my friends’ children throwing temper tantrums and feel truly blessed that our daughter doesn’t get frustrated and can tell us what she wants.

Strangers stop me in stores and offices nearly on a daily basis to tell me what a well-behaved, happy little girl I have. People who baby-sit her can’t believe how easy going she is, or how smart. While I know part of this is simply her personality, I definitely credit the BabyPlus system with some of her intellectual ability and am so pleased to have used this system.

I’m now 7 weeks pregnant with our second child, and will be using the BabyPlus system again. I want to make sure this child has the same advantages Sophie did.

Thank you again,

Carrie F.
Vancouver, WA


As a practicing physical therapist, I examine and work with children from birth to three years of age. In the past several years, I have had the opportunity to evaluate the physical developmental skills of infants whose mother’s used the BabyPlus Prenatal Educational System. I have been truly amazed how advanced these infants are not only in their physical developmental skills, but also in their cognitive and emotional skills. I would classify these babies as very happy and well settled. I am currently pregnant and am looking forward to using the BabyPlus Prenatal Educational System. I have seen what a difference it can make in a child’s life.

Paula R., physical therapist




My name is Derek Barbier and I am a New York City Police Officer. My wife Maritza and I were blessed in more ways then one when our daughter Jessica Marie was born on September 11, 2001. You see, I was working on the morning when the two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. As chaos broke out in New York City, my wife called and informed me she was in labor and had to go to the hospital. My Lieutenant, who was aware of my situation told me to go home as my partner and fellow officers responded to lower Manhattan. As I arrived at the hospital I could see the smoke from what was once the symbol of New York.

About five months before the world would change, my wife began using the BabyPlus Prenatal Enrichment System. At first we were naturally skeptical about using BabyPlus, but soon after, those fears disappeared as we could feel the baby moving around as my wife wore the learning belt. When Jessica Marie entered her new world I was astonished that she didn’t even cry. Maritza and I sit in amazement that Jessica Marie is so relaxed for her age. Just last week we were at my grandparents house when they both commented on how we could get through a whole meal as Jessica Marie sat there with a smile on her face and watched us eat. Also, Jessica Marie usually sleeps through the night and I do not have to tell you parents how wonderful that is.

BabyPlus has been a pleasant surprise for my wife and I and it has made our lives a little easier. My wife and I without a doubt will be using BabyPlus for all our children. I often wonder what would have happened if Jessica Marie Barbier was not born on September 11, 2001. That is why she will always be my Guardian Angel.

Derek B.
New York, NY




Hi. I’ve had my wife use BabyPlus during her pregnancy, and she gave birth yesterday. (Dec 8th, 2004)

You know what? You’re right. He was surprisingly relaxed, alert and wide-eyed immediately after birth.

He also nursed right away too. THANKS, BabyPlus.

Happy Dad,
-Andy B.
Eagan, MN




Hello, my name is Tracy,

“I live in Texas with my husband Scott, and our eight week old daughter Hailey. I started using the BabyPlus system at seventeen weeks during my pregnancy. I have to say everything you said the BabyPlus system would do, it did. I had a c section with Hailey. Thirty minutes after surgery she was nursing and very alert. Everybody, including the doctors were amazed by how alert she was. The pediatrician said he examined and gave shots without a single cry from her. She has slept through the night from day one. I have to wake her up to feed her, and she goes right back to sleep when we are finished. She started to focus on objects right after birth and was able to follow objects at three weeks. She is very attentive to her toys. She will watch and bat at her playing mobile toy for hours. She hardly ever cries. On the very rare occasion she does it’s because she is bored and wants a different activity, or she is hungry. Even then my friends and family say she is not crying she is talking, you can’t consider that little whimper a cry. My husband and I took her to San Diego California at six weeks on a business trip he won. She never cried on the plane, or at any time during our trip. We were in a strange place for her for three nights. In and out of different restaurants, functions with live music, people constantly approaching us wanting to see our new baby, and Hailey never made a fuss. She smiled at everyone and was happy the whole time. People were amazed by how alert she was and how she would just sit in her stroller and be happy. I could go on and on about the comments from people. I wanted to write you to thank you for your wonderful product. My husband and I are firm believers of BabyPlus. Our friends and family are now too. Everybody I come in contact with who is pregnant I am going to tell about BabyPlus. I know all my friends are anxious to use BabyPlus with their next pregnancy. Thank you for your wonderful product and for making parenting a fun wonderful experience.”


Tracy, Scott and Hailey


My husband and I were blessed with a baby girl on November 10th. After hearing about BabyPlus while pregnant, I decided to purchase it. I may add that I was a bit hesitant at first, hence I felt the need to write to you. I wore my BabyPlus religiously every morning and every night since I was 18 weeks pregnant. I attribute every single milestone thus far to the BabyPlus system. Immediately after delivering my daughter, she was alert and looking around with these big eyes. Much to all of the nurses and doctors surprise, she never made a peep, not one. She was so, and while in the nursery several nurses repeatedly wanted to see who “Emma’s mom” was. They couldn’t believe what a good, alert, and baby she was. After delivery, she immediately latched on to nurse, and has been a pro ever since. Not one single problem. She is always alert, and almost never cries. She is three weeks old today, and already sleeps 5 1/2 to 6 hours a night. She from the 2nd day holds open her hands, and already will lay on her belly and lift her head and move it from side to side. It is absolutely incredible. I am sure that every parent wants to believe that their child is the super child, the best and brightest, but both my husband and I attribute all of these already milestones to the BabyPlus. We just cannot wait to see what she will do next.

I just wanted to thank you and make you aware that we are true believers. This system really works, and really is the best. We have every intention of using it the next time we get pregnant for the 2nd. Thank you.


Teresa N.