A Parent = A Child’s Most Important Teacher

The children being born each day in 2018 will be the decision makers, leaders and the conscience of our society tomorrow. As a parent, I have long known just how critical it is to spend time investing in your children’s most impactful environment – that of his or her earliest developmental years, 0-5. Today it has become universally recognized that it is beneficial for a parent to consistently exercise the very young mind of their child…as early and as often as possible. In addition to the genetics passed along, it is the absolute best means for a child to reach full developmental potential as an adult. The toughest aspect of such diligence, if you will, is that after a certain time frame…you can’t return to the most important window of opportunity. The more we know as parents, the more we’re called to do as we foster the best in our children and for our children. This isn’t a forceful missive but one that encourages proactive attention and nurturing along the way.