Affiliate Program

About BabyPlus

BabyPlus® is an award-winning, patented prenatal learning system that’s worn during pregnancy. A leader in the prenatal products market, the system is designed to help strengthen a child’s learning capabilities in the womb.

Our prime target market is the proactive mom-to-be who is passionate about becoming a mother. She believes that babies are born to learn and deserve a good start. And so, she offers her baby every opportunity to thrive.

Who Should Join The BabyPlus Affiliate Program?

Publishers that make ideal affiliate partners have pregnancy related blogs, baby product review sites, dad blogs, parent-friendly content sites and/or shopping site featuring baby shower gift ideas sections.

BabyPlus Affiliates Enjoy…

  • Competitive 10-20% commission on all sales
  • Average cart value of $200.00 (USD)
  • Optimized conversion rates and EPC’s
  • Monthly affiliate promotions
  • Innovative future products to come
  • Lifetime cookie

We’re Here For You

We have a wide selection of creatives, a series of email copy, high quality banners and promo code use and video to offer your audience. Need something customized? Just tell us what you want. Our fast and dedicated support team is always available to help you succeed.

For questions regarding the BabyPlus affiliate program, contact or call 1-844-821-6220.

How Does It Work?

All you need to is apply on AvantLink and join the BabyPlus program. Then you can begin spreading the word about the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System while earning steady revenue from your website, blog and social media platforms month after month.

Be a Part of BabyPlus Brand Success
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