Mission Statement

BabyPlus® ForGood Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 corporation whose mission is to promote, facilitate and deliver technology and guidance for the optimization and enrichment of the early childhood environment.

“An expectant mother provides for the physical growth of her developing child through conscientious lifestyle, diet, and the use of prenatal vitamins. The introduction of age-appropriate sound in the womb provides another opportunity to promote enrichment by strengthening a child’s learning capacity at the most critical period of development. I have seen the remarkable benefits myself.”

Susan Morrow, PhD

Case for Support

The National Institute of Health reports that by the age of five, 90% of the architecture of a child’s brain is already in place. Building a strong neurological foundation is key to academic readiness and to the fostering of lifelong critical thinking capabilities. Dozens of peer-reviewed clinical studies demonstrate that the optimization of the conditions within a child’s earliest environment, through the purposeful enhancement of sight, sound and touch, will directly impact long-term cognitive development and function. 

Parents and caregivers can provide lifelong benefits and advantages by furnishing a child with an environment of enrichment during the prenatal time period and through the early years. These are benefits that cannot be duplicated later in life. Our Foundation is working tirelessly to address this critical window of development by: 

  • Discovering and disseminating enrichment information and methodology with a focus on earliest childhood
  • Increasing awareness among parents, caregivers and health care professionals of the overwhelming importance and lifelong impact that results from providing an optimal environment during critical prenatal and early developmental timeframe
  • Providing access to powerful, proven prenatal-to-preschool developmental learning tools to ALL parents and caregivers

Specific Initiatives

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    Provide disadvantaged and underserved expectant mothers with access to early sound enrichment during pregnancy, the most critical period of brain development

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    Partner with programs that work to identify interventions which minimize the developmental and learning delays resulting from premature birth

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    Collaborate with NICU physicians, nurses and social workers to develop and implement intervention protocols to promote well being and healthy cognitive development in babies exposed to opioids during pregnancy

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    Initiate research partnerships to explore the positive impact of earliest sound enrichment on the incidence and severity of autism/ASD

Action Statement

We Will:

Collaborate with research, educational programs and foundations that design and deliver learning tools aimed at the earliest stages of development to families who otherwise would not have access due to economic and/or geographical constraints.

Teach parents, early caregivers and educators about the absolute importance of enriching a child’s earliest environment, from the prenatal period to five years of age.

Foster and fund scientific research with a focus on improving childhood developmental outcomes and increased school success.

Our Goal

Our goal is to partner with like-minded research teams, corporations, private organizations and individuals who seek to:

Improve and enhance a child’s earliest environment

Further validate specific enrichment tools and practices

Recognize this direct relationship to lifelong cognitive development

We strive to encourage and equip every parent, caregiver and family member to take a positive, proactive role in improving the development, cognitive capacity, school proficiency, and lifelong success of the children in their lives.

Contact Us to Help

Susan L. Morrow, PhD
Director of Development