This happens often, but I never really thought about it before now. On a daily basis, I receive compliments from people when I am out and about. These compliments are not for me, but rather, for my sweet, sweet girl. People always tell me what a good baby she is. They just can’t believe how calm and alert she is at her age. I always say “thank you” then move on with my day with little thought as to why.

Then, duh, I realized that in my new mom forgetfulness, I forgot to tell them about BabyPlus. Now when people comment on her relaxed personality, good sleeping and eating habits,  advanced motor skills, and focus, I remember to tell them all about my BabyPlus experience. Using BabyPlus twice a day for 24 weeks is seriously the easiest thing to do AND the rewards are unending. If you need to hear more testimonials from real parents who have seen real results, visit babyplus.com/testimonials.

Have a testimony of your own to share? Be sure to contact customerservice@babyplus.com!

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