Every Pregnancy Brings Cool New Gear!

It has been years now since my last baby was born and although I know that the “stuff” is not the important part of having a baby, I have to admit that each baby shower brings about a tinge of jealousy.  It seems that the cycle of new products on the market is just about 9 months.  So with 8 years behind me I decided to search out the 5 new gadgets that I would want if I were having a baby now. But I am not- Happy Shopping to the rest of you!

1. 4moms® mamRoo® Plush Infant Bouncer- Moves 5 different ways, with speed and sound settings and a mobile.


Sometimes it is hard to know what will soothe a baby.  With all these options hopefully one will work. 

2. Chicco NextFit® Zip Convertible Car Seat- It has a Zip & Wash™ seat pad making it easy to clean.


A car seat with a cover that is easy to remove and clean? Genius!

3. Formula Pro® by babybrezza- Looks like a coffee maker, but mixes and dispenses formula.


This just looks cool.  I didn’t use a lot of formula, but this might have made bottles more fun. 

4. Kindee™ Breastmilk Collection, Storage and Feeding System


I love these!  I think this would take away a few extra steps that I had to do back in the day.

5. Nest Baby Bassinet by Phil&Teds®


Easy to travel with.  Now baby can sleep almost anywhere and not just in their infant carrier. 

You don’t need all of the products out there to parent and love and patience are the most important ingredients, but these items might make things a little easier.

Happy Parenting!

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