Fetal Development Experts Join Babyplus’ Scientific Advisory Board

The success of the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is already being enjoyed by mothers and expectant families, and it is our goal to help more people by ensuring the quality of our program for a more remarkable fetal development for babies. Having that in mind, we recently updated our Scientific Advisory Board, and tapped some of the brightest minds in the field of medicine, child development, therapy, and education.

Leading the pack is Dr. Elizabeth Moore, the board’s chairperson and a pediatrician who has special interest in childhood development and behavior, who also has a background in treating asthma and other forms of allergies. Next is Ms. Karin Bell, a registered nurse, who focuses on the field of reproductive medicine, and is one of our most committed educators and promoters of the BabyPlus program, serving the prenatal caregiver community.

Also here to guide us is Dr. Gary F. Meunier, PhD, professor emeritus of psychology at the Ball State University, and founder and director of Diagnostics Inc. Dr. Meunier also boasts of two granddaughters who are now experiencing the benefits of the BabyPlus System. We also have on board Dr. William Bean, who started his medical career as a board-certified emergency medicine physician for the Indiana University health, his alma mater. Leading our transdermal acoustic vibration area, on the other hand, is dermatologist, Dr. Melanie Kingsley.

Our board will never be complete without an educator like Ms. Jodi L. Davis, a 3rd grade elementary teacher who believes in the value of having an early stimulating environment for children. Lastly, we also have Ms. Dorinne S. Davis, an experienced audiologist who specializes in the field of sound therapy and is an author of five books. Under the guidance and leadership of our Scientific Advisory Board, we are able to maintain the safety and effectiveness of our system and enrich children’s cognitive development, starting from the prenatal development stages.

Founded on neuroscience, the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System involves lessons composed of sounds that are similar to the child’s early surroundings, particularly the maternal heartbeat. This is crucial as studies have shown that “a child’s intellectual development is influenced equally by their genetics and the early immediate environment,” as stated by Dr. Mark Pitzer, PhD. Some of the benefits experienced by BabyPlus children include increased attentiveness, regular sleep patterns, strong nursing reflex, and developed better language, learning, and critical thinking skills, among others.

Feel free to browse through the rest of our website for more information on how the BabyPlus Program can help your child enjoy a better and brighter future.

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