Friday Blog Series Announced!

I am typically an upbeat, lighthearted person. I am a glass half full kid of gal . I am also a self-proclaimed worrywart.  And realistically, I am also a person who understands that bad things sometimes just happen regardless of how much you plan against them.  As I daily scan social media and the news to stay abreast of local, national and global developments in my field I feel a calling to write about 6, less and pretty topics, that might make you think twice this summer or sometime in the future.


Each Friday I will focus on one topic that I gleam important from things I have seen in the world around me.  These blogs are meant to make you think and in some case make you change the way you might be doing things.  The topics might make you unsettled.  My goal is to shed light on a few issues and maybe improve a few outcomes.


You might wonder later how any of these topics might relate to BabyPlus?  The underlying connection between all of them will be that I chose to use BabyPlus during pregnancy to provide the best for my babies.  The issues in the blogs are a continuation of me wanting the best for my children and all of your children.  I want our children to have every opportunity to reach their full -potential.  Sadly, the issues I will cover sometimes keep that from being possible.


Please watch for my first blog in the series titled- More than a Teaspoon of Water- Beware!

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