Why Take A Breastfeeding Class

My husband and I recently took a breastfeeding class and I must say that it was extremely helpful. I’ve known so many moms who have tried to jump right in without really knowing much about the process. While this works for some, I’ve seen it prove difficult for others. I’m delivering at Community North in Indianapolis and they have great classes and options for parents-to-be. So, we decided to take the class to see what we could learn and we were pleasantly surprised.


Here’s why we found it so helpful:

  • Learned from a qualified instructor. We were learning from someone who is around it all day, every day rather than people who have just read about it or tried it a few times.
  • Covered the basics. Our instructor gave us great information on what we really needed to know:
    • How breastfeeding works
    • How to establish a good milk supply
    • How to get your baby to latch
    • How to know if your baby is getting enough milk
    • Positions for breastfeeding
    • When and where to get help should you need it
  • Debunked myths. Again, our instructor did a great job of encouraging us rather than sharing horror stories. She even challenged many of the stories and gave examples and helpful ways to combat those difficulties many moms may face.
  • A support system. We left knowing we had support. So many moms find breastfeeding difficult because they receive all the help they need in the hospital, then leave and feel alone and unsupported. Our instructor gave us real support systems we could use after the baby has arrived.

My recommendation would be to take as many classes as you can. You can never be too prepared when it comes to parenting.

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