It’s time for #TBT (Throw Back Thursday)!

I was preparing to hang some new pictures of Avalyn the other day, so I was searching through our photostream. That’s when I came across this picture and just couldn’t believe how much she had changed! I swear there are times when I put her down to bed at night and she wakes up looking like a completely different baby. It’s like she just grows leaps and bounds while she sleeps!

This photo stuck out to me because it was one we took during our first week home, so she was just a few days old. The reason why it stood out was because I couldn’t believe how alert she was. I vaguely remember taking this photo, so at the time I wasn’t aware. I have very rarely ever seen a baby this young look this alert! Again, it hit me…that’s one of the many advantages of BabyPlus. I can never sing enough praises about this prenatal education system. Interested in all the benefits it has to offer? Learn more at babyplus.com.

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