Our Trusted Prenatal Care Product Has Expanded Its’ Distribution In The Philippines!

At any given moment, millions of women around the world are pregnant and all of them recognize prenatal care as a factor that gives their child a head start in life. As the makers of BabyPlus—the number one fetal education system on the market—we understand that expectant moms everywhere want to benefit from our product. That’s why we’re happy to announce that BabyPlus is now more widely available in the Philippines!

This development is all thanks to Quirks Marketing, our exclusive distributor in the Philippines. With their help, the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is now available in over a dozen online and brick-and-mortar stores across the archipelago. As such, Filipino mommies can now take advantage of our product’s ability to stimulate prenatal cognitive development.

We are confident that this news will encourage even more distributors to offer BabyPlus in their countries. Right now, our revolutionary product is available in 22 countries, including other Asian nations like China, Korea, Japan and Malaysia, among others. As proven by our rapidly increasing market presence, there is a healthy demand for prenatal education systemsoverseas.

What accounts for BabyPlus’ popularity? Our product is founded on the idea that a mother’s womb should be a child’s first classroom. We’ve developed a 16-course, sound-based curriculum which is delivered through a small electronic device that moms place near their tummies. The sounds are patterned after a mother’s heartbeat, but they vary in subtle ways which encourage the baby’s’ developing brain to contrast and compare. As many studies have proven, this auditory exercise strengthens a child’s brain development.

Parents, too, attest to our product’s effectiveness. BabyPlus parents often report that their newborn nurses easily, is more relaxed, and able to self-soothe. BabyPlus children also reach developmental milestones earlier than their peers, and they show more preparedness for schooling. For example, they have longer attention spans, exhibit greater independence, and demonstrate more creativity, just to name a few advantages.

If you want to give your baby an edge in life, the first nine months of his or her life inside your womb will be a crucial period. Thanks to our expanding distributor network, more and more women around the world can now use BabyPlus to help their babies’ brains develop faster.

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