Why BabyPlus Needs You!

As we work tirelessly week after week to spread the word about why parents should choose to use BabyPlus we are reminded over and over that our best, most-effective marketing efforts are derived from parents who have used BabyPlus during their pregnancy and experienced the results first hand.  We can place online and print ads, launch SEO campaigns and attend Baby Expos worldwide, but those efforts can’t compare to hearing from a parents who has witnessed the birth of their child and observed the alertness and open palms of their new arrival only minutes into life outside the womb.  Only after spending time with a BabyPlus baby that is so engaged and calm do others begin to compare a BabyPlus baby to others they have been around and begin noticing the attributes that BabyPlus parents rave about in testimonials.  Neislen tabulates that 84% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends and that they trust recommendations from friends 7X more than traditional advertising.  Clearly traditional advertising cannot compare to the value of real experiences of parents around the world.

As we grow and expand the BabyPlus brand we are working toward meeting the needs of the BabyPlus consumer base.  Our goal is to provide tools to help parents with decision making throughout a child’s life, not just during the months that our product can be utilized.  We strive to be connected to families around the world and to connect families to one another and to provide insight and information on the issues that challenge us as parents everyday.  The first step in this process is staying connected.  With the ability to communicate with BabyPlus parents everywhere we can provide answers and ask questions that will serve all of us going forward.

Staying connected with BabyPlus families and developing our Word of Mouth Marketing strategy are two of our most important goals.  You can help us with both.

1. Like us on Facebook and interact with postings.

2. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

3.  Opt-In to participate in surveys from the BabyPlus Company

4. Post a review on the site where you purchased BabyPlus

5. Write a testimonial about your BabyPlus experience with outcomes on our site, FB or email it to me at robinm@babyplus.com.

6. Tell moms-to-be about the benefits you saw in using BabyPlus and encourage them to look into it.  (Mommy groups are a great place to do this. )

In exchange, we will continue to blog on interesting child/pregnancy related issues, bring you articles from the web that might interest you, post recipes, decorating ideas share photos of your BabyPlus children and much more on our various social media outlets.  We will also keep you up to date on new products we are planning to launch.

Thank you for being our brand ambassadors around the globe!


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