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The Right Sounds at The Right Time

For well over a decade, The BabyPlus Company’s focus has been to deepen the bond between mom and her developing baby through the tangible benefits of auditory enrichment. Our proprietary, age-appropriate rhythms are what set the BabyPlus Education series miles apart from any other prenatal product on the market today. That’s why proactive moms trust and use BabyPlus again and highly recommend it to their friends.

A Pediatrician’s BabyPlus Review & Analysis

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BabyPlus® Prenatal
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I’m writing to share our experience in hope that it may help others decide to use the baby plus system.   Our daughter just turned 2 years old, of course we would love to attribute everything in her development to our high quality parenting and gene pool, but there’s something more we’ve observed in her these two years.   She is exceeding all of her friends, in both physical coordination, focus, and communication.  She is speaking in full sentences, and uses quite complex word choices for her age, she is also demonstrating phenomenal memory for a two year old, when she chooses, she can recite the ABCs and is already counting to 20.  Yesterday, She sang me the first two versus of jingle bells in the car, that blew me away and prompted me to write this…

If even a small part of her early development is a result of the baby plus system, it’s so far paid for itself more than I ever imagined it would.   I encourage anyone expecting a baby to use Baby Plus!

John and Sharisse

John and Sharisse

“I first heard of BabyPlus from my husband. He had been spending a lot of time researching early education for our child. At first when he told me about it I said “you’ve got to be kidding me! Then I looked into it a little bit more myself and thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try.

Little did I know that I’d still be using it today as we are going on our fourth child. We have used the BabyPlus with all of our girls (dad is in trouble!) and each has been born alert and they’ve all slept through the night at just a few weeks of age. We try not to brag about this to sleep deprived parents but when asked, we have to be honest.

Our kids have been able at a young age to self sooth and were quiet, calm and content as babies. I could keep going on about all the positive things that have come from us using BabyPlus! We tell all of our pregnant friends and acquaintances about the BabyPlus and how much it has helped us as parents and for our children’s head start into pre school.

This is just a handful of the benefits we have seen with our children after using BabyPlus and I’ll continue to use it here forward with the children that God chooses to bless us with. Thank you for making such an amazing and helpful product for us expecting mothers!”

Kimberly V

I religiously used BabyPlus for the last 16 weeks of my pregnancy. In every lesson he was responding and kicking when I had the device on my tummy. He is so calm, so alert, he sleeps 10-12 hours (since week 8), and he rolled over at week 8. Everyone comments on his alertness and says he looks so much older than his age, because he really focuses on so many things. I am convinced that BabyPlus has something to do with his demeanor. With our second child I am absolutely using this product!

By Colette F.

As an expectant mother, I was very excited to receive BabyPlus for Christmas as a gift from my husband. I used Baby Plus religiously from the recommended start time of 18 weeks until I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Olivia. As a result, I feel Olivia made a much smoother and more peaceful transition into the world. At three weeks old, Olivia was already sleeping through the night. She is rarely fussy. Her waking hours have always been positively playful and calm, and I attribute much of this success to the BabyPlus pre-natal Education system. We certainly plan to use Baby Plus again with our future pregnancies. Thank you Baby Plus!

By Allison

There are so many traits in his infancy that we’re enjoying. He smiles at the drop of a hat, cries very little, and is extremely adaptable no matter his surroundings. Even our Pediatrician comments that he’s super engaged at all times. Thanks BabyPlus!

Diane and Patrick

Our 5 year old daughter never forgets anything. Her little memory is out of this world! She’ll remember who bought her a birthday toy from her 2nd birthday, or a story in passing that she brings back up in such clear detail! She’s done great with her ABCs and 123s, knows them so well, and isn’t even in Kindergarten. She seems to listen so well and has full conversations with all adults. We receive so many compliments from almost everyone who’s around her. I’m using BabyPlus again now for her little brother due in a few months!

Ashley and Will

I am diligently using Baby Plus for my second pregnancy. I used Baby Plus with my son, who is now almost five. As an infant, he was an excellent nurser and was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks; to this day he is incredibly good at self-soothing. Talk about alert and interested! He hardly cried as a baby, and has developed into an engaging, highly verbal, sweet and independent little boy. It is my ‘go to gift’ for anyone expecting!

Christine B.

We are true believers in the BabyPlus Prenatal Educational System. Brian and I were first introduced to the system by a family friend and I immediately began wearing our BabyPlus system around the 20th week of pregnancy, and until 41 weeks when Lincoln finally arrived.

We have been truly blessed with one of the easiest babies I have ever met. Now, that is not to say that all of his characteristics didn’t come from our genes, but we believe that the BabyPlus System helped strengthen the way our baby was able to stay calm, self soothe, sleep peacefully, and interact with others so well from the very beginning.

Even starting with our 4D ultrasound you could tell that Lincoln was aware of what was going on, was sucking his big toe, and relaxing with hand behind head for all to see! Once Lincoln was born on St Patrick’s day at 41 weeks, we knew we had a special child as he cried only when hungry and immediately would relax, smile, or charm the women around him. Lincoln began sleeping through the night at 3.5 months, self soothed himself for naps and bedtime with his thumb around 5 months and teethed the first 3 teeth without a peep!

Danielle & Brian

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