The Right Sounds

at the Right Time

Like a prenatal vitamin is to a child’s early physical development, BabyPlus® sounds are meant to enrich a baby’s early cognitive development. BabyPlus proprietary lessons are simple and easy to play for just one hour a day during pregnancy. Give your baby the BEST start at a time when it matters most. If you plan to play anything during your pregnancy, be certain it’s BabyPlus!

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The BabyPlus Company’s focus has been to deepen the bond between mom and her developing baby through the tangible benefits of auditory enrichment.

Parents, Caregivers and Physicians report babies at birth and infancy:

  • are calm and alert as newborns
  • have early latching and nursing success
  • are able to self-soothe
  • develop consistent sleep habits
  • reach developmental milestones well

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What Parents Say
About Us

“I used BabyPlus with both of my pregnancies. At birth, my children were alert and have been magnificent self-soothers. They both were sleeping through the night by 2 months of age and have been great sleepers ever since! My first born is 3 and has very well developed gross motor skills. He is riding a two wheel bike, hitting baseballs that are thrown to him and roller skating! He has known his letters, numbers, shapes, etc. since he was 18 months old and continues to blow us away with a well- developed language! My second born follows suit in all areas and shows even more promise when it comes to academics. He just turned two and is recognizing and remembering things we have only shown him once! Shapes like “pentagon” and “hexagon” are already in his vocabulary! His language is VERY developed as well! As an educator who received BabyPlus as a gift from a fellow teacher, I will always HIGHLY recommend this product as it has worked wonders with my two- I am currently using it again with my third! I look forward to see how they continue to develop so ahead of the curve thanks to BabyPlus!”

Dearborn, Michigan

Recommended in hundreds of prenatal classrooms around the world

“BabyPlus® may have been the simplest, yet most important thing I did for my daughter before she was born.”

-Dr. Elizabeth Moore, MD, Pediatrician

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