By Kelli.

“Our first grand daughter was a BabyPlus listener. At almost 3 months old now, she has been absolutely delightful in temperament – so alert and engaged. She is super observant and is already sleeping 6-8 hours at night. So glad we gifted her BabyPlus!”

“Lincoln is super curious! He loves science experiments, building, crafting, enjoys math and has excellent penmanship for a 5 year old. His memory is so strong – he has memorized whole stories word for word after hearing them. He loves to learn and is so engaged. I’m so glad I took the time for BabyPlus!”

By Danielle and Lincoln

by kimberly-V

By Kimberly V.

“I first heard of BabyPlus from my husband. He had been spending a lot of time researching early education for our child. At first when he told me about it I said “you’ve got to be kidding me! Then I looked into it a little bit more myself and thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try.

Little did I know that I’d still be using it today as we are going on our fourth child. We have used BabyPlus with all of our girls (dad is in trouble!) and each has been born alert and they’ve all slept through the night at just a few weeks of age. We try not to brag about this to sleep deprived parents but when asked, we have to be honest.

Our kids have been able at a young age to self sooth and were quiet, calm and content as babies. I could keep going on about all the positive things that have come from us using BabyPlus! We tell all of our pregnant friends and acquaintances about BabyPlus and how much it has helped us as parents and for our children’s head start into pre school.

This is just a handful of the benefits we have seen with our children after using BabyPlus and I’ll continue to use it here forward with the children that God chooses to bless us with. Thank you for making such an amazing and helpful product for us expecting mothers!”

“I am diligently using BabyPlus for my second pregnancy. I used BabyPlus with my son, who is now almost five. As an infant, he was an excellent nurser and was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks; to this day he is incredibly good at self-soothing.

Talk about alert and interested! He hardly cried as a baby, and has developed into an engaging, highly verbal, sweet and independent little boy. It is my ‘go to gift’ for anyone expecting!”


By Christine B.


By Ashley and Will

“Our 5 year old daughter never forgets anything. Her little memory is out of this world! She’ll remember who bought her a birthday toy from her 2nd birthday, or a story in passing that she brings back up in such clear detail! She’s done great with her ABCs and 123s, knows them so well, and isn’t even in Kindergarten.

She seems to listen so well and has full conversations with all adults. We receive so many compliments from almost everyone who’s around her. I’m using BabyPlus again now for her little brother due in a few months!”

“I believe BabyPlus very positively benefited our son, now 7 years old. From the day Drew was born, he was so alert and engaged.

As we carried him home for the first time, he gazed so clearly at everyone with clear purpose at only a few days old. From that day forward, he adjusted well and found his rhythm in eating, sleeping and playing quite naturally. It’s almost like he has set his own routine and schedule from the start. As a 7 year old today, he is an organized, observant, self-motivated and a highly-focused learner. He enjoys math, science, nature, invention and exploration. He is curious about every little thing. Most importantly, he is happy and joyful. We can’t say it enough. Thank you BabyPlus for the lifelong possibilities!”


By Jill and Andrew

by Diane-and-Patrick

By Diane and Patrick

“There are so many traits in his infancy that we’re enjoying. He smiles at the drop of a hat, cries very little, and is extremely adaptable no matter his surroundings. Even our Pediatrician comments that he’s super engaged at all times. Thanks BabyPlus!”

“I just had to write to tell you about my positive experience with BabyPlus. From the day my son Caleb was born he was patient, had good head and body control and only cried when he needed to be changed or fed. He has smiled socially since around 4 weeks old. With the exception of about 2 weeks, he has slept through the night since he was born. He has never even cried himself to sleep, he just plays with his hands and then dozes off. He flipped from front to back at 7 weeks and back to front at 9 weeks. He has tried to stand since the day I brought him home from the hospital. The pictures I have attached were taken when he around 10 weeks old. People are amazed at his calm personality and body control.

He just turned 5 months old and while he hasn’t mastered crawling, at around 4 1/2 months he started flipping from front to back, back to front, front to back until he reached his destination. I have no idea if BabyPlus is responsible for all, part or none of this, but I will and do recommend this to all my friends and even strangers if I see they are pregnant. I am so happy I was lucky enough to read an article on BabyPlus. I can’t thank you enough. I would love to see your company come out with something to help babies with the learning process once they are born.”

A sincere thanks from Maria and Caleb –

by Maria-and-Caleb

By Maria and Caleb