What Professionals Say

“An expectant mother provides for the physical growth of her developing child through conscientious lifestyle, diet, and the use of prenatal vitamins. BabyPlus offers similar enrichment by strengthening a child’s learning capacity at the most critical period of development. I have seen the remarkable benefits myself.”

Susan Morrow, Ph.D.

Molecular Biologist

“I heard about BabyPlus in FitPregnancy Magazine when I was about 6-8 weeks along with our first child and decided to give it a try. My mother bought it for me (and the baby!) as my birthday gift and I began using it at 18 weeks. I must say that I am so very pleased with the product! Our beautiful baby boy is now 10 weeks old and a day never goes by that someone doesn’t comment on how alert he is for his age. At 3 MINUTES old the doctor handed him to me; when my husband spoke, he turned his head completely around to look for his daddy!! He watches BabyFirst TV for 45-60 minutes if I let him, and will squeal and kick as the colors and pictures change! He has never been a crier either! He only cries when hungry or needs his diaper changed! I have been told by many people that he is the most content infant that they have ever been around. As an occupational therapist I have been very watchful of his milestones and have been pleased to find that he has reached ALL of them ahead of schedule. It seems that he started learning early and has thrived since being born. I truly feel that BabyPlus played a huge role in his calm demeanor, alertness, and quick learning. In utero, he enjoyed the lessons and would move along with the beats and from birth he has been an absolute angel!! I would recommend this product to anyone! I am already planning to use it with our next child!”

Stacy L. Moses

Occupational Therapist

“BabyPlus may have been the simplest, yet most important thing I did for Mary before she was born. From her quiet, calm alertness as a newborn to her, now happy, interactive personality as a toddler, I have been amazed at what a difference BabyPlus has made in the way she learns from everyone and everything around her.”

Elizabeth Moore, M.D.


“I used the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System during my own twin pregnancy and have recommended it to many of my patients and friends. The literature just made sense to me and I found the process enhanced the bond between me and my daughters during my pregnancy.”

Dr. Jenn Berman

Licensed Psychotherapist

Author, LA Times Best-Seller The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy Confident Kids

“As a pediatric physical therapist, the developmental strengths of the BabyPlus children I’ve seen in my practice are very convincing. These children consistently demonstrate very strong fine and gross motor skills, early milestones, and long attention spans. Now, I too am a BabyPlus mother (of three) and I have seen countless additional benefits in my own children, most notably their strong learning skills and long-term memory, and adaptive dispositions. What a wonderful investment!”

Paula Ryan, PT

Pediatric Physical Therapist, mother of four

“For their child’s lifetime development, every parent should hear about this discovery, an innovation representing the single most significant step science has taken toward increasing infant potential.”

Rene Van de Carr, M.D.


Author of While You Are Expecting

“BabyPlus is a brilliant system. I have used it myself, will definitely use it again, and have only positive things to say about it in my book.”

Sarah Brewer, M.D.


Author of SuperBaby: Boost Your Baby’s Potential from Conception to Year One

“I think that someday, the use of BabyPlus will be absolutely as common during pregnancy as is taking a prenatal vitamin today.”

Karin Bell, R.N.

Registered Nurse, BabyPlus mother of five

“I just love your BabyPlus! I would recommend it to anyone! My son was alert and active from the time we began using your product at 18 weeks gestation. Gradually, he began to anticipate his “sessions” and would kick when it began. Since his birth he has been more alert than the average baby. He is now 16 months old and has more than 50 words in vocabulary, listens intently, watches lips and speaks 10-15 words in his father’s native Italian! I credit half of this development to Babyplus!! He has benefitted greatly from your product!”

Katy Corsi