A Joyful Baby



It wasn’t until yesterday that I completely understood the impact that my daughter has on the world. She’s always been such a joyful, calm and alert baby right from the start, so I guess I’ve just grown accustom to it. Her joy radiates any room that she is in. And while we’ve always known that to be true and have always given thanks for that, yesterday was much different.

I received a phone call from the director of our care ministry at church. I lead a recovery group for teens and she wanted to let me know that one of my students had possibly overdosed and that he was in the ICU. So, I immediately gathered my co-leaders and we headed to the hospital. We got to his room and I sat my daughter, who was in her car seat, on the floor and went over by his bedside. We stayed in the room with the family for nearly two hours sharing stories and praying for this young man.

During this time, Avalyn didn’t make a single peep. Not one. Rather, she just sat contently in her car seat and smiled at everyone in the room. She literally brightened up this entire room. Each person in the room took turns making faces at her and getting her to coo at them. They just couldn’t get over what an incredibly good baby she was. And, I owe that to BabyPlus. It has had such a positive affect on her.

This young man was taken off of his ventilator a few hours later, but is still in the hospital. While we were in the midst of a tragic day, I’m so thankful that Avalyn could bring light into the darkness. It’s been so amazing to see the ways she’s impacted all those around her at such an early age.

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