Back To Work After Baby

Planning to go back to work after maternity leave?  You are not alone.  Nearly two-thirds of American women return to work immediately following maternity leave.  You may wonder what effect going back to the office so quickly could have on your own baby’s development.  If you think your return to work is a detriment to your new baby; think again.  A recent Columbia University School of Social Work in New York study revealed that mothers who worked in the first year were more sensitive and responsive to their babies.  The study of 1000 children nationwide found little or no evidence that working affected mother-child attachment.  Psychologists around the world are in agreement that, regardless of employment status, a moms bonding experience with her baby truly matters most.

A simple easy way to bond with your baby before he is born is with sound.  Providing an enriched prenatal environment can be an important opportunity to communicate and bond with your baby.  The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System gives an expectant mom a unique bonding experience with her baby.  As a baby discriminates the simple rhythmic sounds of BabyPlus from those of his mother, auditory learning begins.  The language of the maternal heartbeat is the most basic and natural sound a child will ever hear and perhaps the most soothing.  Visit for more information about prenatal sound enrichment.

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