Sing A Lullaby To Your Baby While Still In The Womb

There have been numerous reported cases of children and even adults being very familiar with a song or lullaby that they say they never heard before, such as the musician whose mother practiced a song on an instrument during her pregnancy which she performed while still pregnant. It wasn’t something that she played much after that but her son many years later, when learning a ‘new song,’ kept saying “I know this song.” After mentioning it at a family get together, his mother said, ‘Yes, that is what I practiced and played while I was pregnant with you.”

A recent study at the University of Helsinki reiterated what previous studies have shown, that an infant can recognize a lullaby heard in the womb for many months after their birth. The rhythm patterns in these lullabies are very important to the baby’s auditory, speech, and language development. The sing-song patterns help the child hear, process and recognize the tonal sound pattern differences in our speech patterns. Tonal pattern changes such as ending a question with the voice going upward can be processed better when a child’s brain has had the opportunity to hear, process, integrate and use many different rhythm pattern and tonal pattern changes as early as possible.

The best time to start shaping the brain for auditory input, especially tonal and rhythm pattern changes, is in utero. The ear is functioning by 4 ½ months in utero. Singing simple songs with easy rhythm patterns, singing a lullaby with emotion and feeling, or simply repeating the many nursery rhymes in a sing-song pattern will help shape your baby’s brain for underlying language cues. The University of Helsinki study showed that fetuses can recognize and remember sounds from the ‘outside world’. The researchers anticipate that these formative patterns help shape long term sound input for language development.

Keep singing moms! Lullabies are one way to help your child’s future development.

*Dorinne Davis is an Audiologist and President/Founder of the The Davis Center, the world’s premier sound therapy center.  She has authored 5 books and has contributed to numerous other publications in her field.  We are privileged to have Dorinne hold a seat on our BabyPlus Scientific Advisory Board. 

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An Easy Baby Thanks To Babyplus

I feel bad even admitting this to most moms, but I truly do have the easiest baby in the world. And, I credit that to

BabyPlus. Sure, my husband and I are both really laid back, but I don’t believe I’d have such a good, calm, happy and alert baby without BabyPlus!

She is currently 14 weeks old (I can’t believe how the time flies) and she’s been a breeze so far! Not only is she incredibly adorable, but she is one of the most easy going babies I have ever been around. For those of you who aren’t familiar with BabyPlus, it is a patented education system shown to strengthen your baby’s cognitive development in many ways. With BabyPlus, your baby simply learns to differentiate between two natural sounds. It’s tailored to the prenatal developmental stages, leading to so many lifelong benefits!

Here are a few benefits of BabyPlus:

  •     More relaxed & alert at birth
  •     More readily nurse
  •     Display increased ability to self-soothe
  •     Are more interactive & responsive

Did I also mention that she could take a pacifier at 2 weeks old and keep it in. Plus, it didn’t affect her nursing at all. Thank you, BabyPlus!



Sleepy Avalyn



Alert Avalyn

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A Great Sleeper

ow I know that I’ve commented on this a few times, but I really cannot say it enough…thanks to BabyPlus, I have the best sleeper. My husband and I are pretty laid back people (although I do have my moments), but our daughter is a better sleeper than we could have ever imagined.

I used BabyPlus up until my due date. My daughter was 3 1/2 weeks early, so I was a little worried about not getting in the last two lessons of BabyPlus. However, that didn’t seem to have any negative effect. At 8 weeks, she started sleeping through the night (8-13 hours depending) and she’s still doing it at 13 weeks! I have friends that have 2-year-olds that don’t even sleep that long. Additionally, she will sleep anywhere and everywhere and doesn’t seem bothered by surroundings or noise.

From our first night at home, we put her in her crib in her own room. She didn’t seem to phased by it, so we kept that pattern. BabyPlus along with a book we read, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: A Step-by-Step Program for a Good Night’s Sleepby Marc Weissbluth, we feel that we’ve given our daughter the best start possible.

To see what else BabyPlus can do for you, visit


The Nursery

So, I have to post a few pictures because I am quite proud. I’ve never been a very good decorator, but I finally designed a room that is cute and show ready. Since I’m not super girly, I decided to go with neutral colors including gray, white and yellow. You’ll also see a few pops of pink in there. Take a look at my BabyPlus baby’s, Miss Avalyn’s, nursery!

10629656-10152250463497133-1016126359287452360-n 10646630-10152250463752133-8204704498059460983-n 10653437-10152250463602133-2941393653471231579-n

The prints above were a really cool gift from one of our friend’s who designs all sorts of neat things. Take a look at Quiet Boy Studio!

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