Sharing Your Pregnancy News

Sharing the news of your pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times! Some people decide to tell right away, while others might want to wait a few weeks. However you decide to do it, let it be unique to you. Need some ideas on how you should share your news? Here’s a few creative ways we’ve seen:


  • Take a photo with you and your partner’s shoes with a pair of baby shoes in between
  • Promote your pet or other child(ren) to big brother(s) or big sister(s).
  • Hold up a jar of Prego Pasta Sauce and snap a selfie.
  • Get a cute shot of you and your partner pulling a bun out of the oven.
  • Simply announce that your having a baby and post the ultrasound photo.


There are so many ways to do it, Looking for more ways? Visit for some ideas.

BabyPlus wants to know how you told your loved ones you were pregnant! Share with us!

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