Putting Babies To Sleep: Music And Mother’S Voice

Putting their babies to sleep is probably one of the toughest challenges mothers face throughout their lives. Often, this ordeal results to sleepless nights, lack of social life, and even feelings of fatigue, anxieties, or depression. Many mothers rely on self-help books and blogs for solutions to this and to get an idea how they should sleep train their babies, but what they may not know is that training can be done even before the child is born.

Studies have shown why infants have such strong bonds with their moms and many attribute this to the nine months babies have spent their lives living inside their mother’s womb. During those crucial times, mothers provide their unborn child with food, shelter, and sense of security. Researches also reveal that the sound of mom’s voice soothes children while they are inside the womb. Many child care experts even reveal that appropriate music mothers play to their kids during pregnancy also relaxes children and can induce their sleep.

Parents should think about getting more knowledge on how prenatal practices affect their children as this enables them to do their parental responsibilities better. Putting babies to sleep should not eat up a lot of what can be productive time for mothers and fathers. By using simple prenatal techniques and trainings, parents can make sure that it’s not only their child who gets the much-needed rest, but them as well.


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